21 Day Meditation Challenge Hall of Fame

We offer ten minute meditations every day on Zoom. We challenge you to commit to 21 Days of Meditation and join us to make mindfulness a daily ritual! Check out our hall of fame of members who have completed this challenge below!


I have spent most of this year focused on my sobriety and well being working toward a healthier mind and body. I am a runner and triathlete, but as I am getting older, I have had a series of injuries. This year, running has been especially frustrating for me because every time I get my mileage up, my knee would swell up and I would experience great pain. I found yoga to be transformative for me, especially during the pandemic and started a daily practice online. I was also working on building my meditation practice this year and gave up alcohol.


I met Alex through One Year No Beer, and she invited me to try the MLPC for a free week trial. I was hooked right away as it was a step up from the daily yoga practice I had been doing, and my body was ready for the extra challenge. Having a variety of practices and teachers makes MLPC special to prevent boredom and allows my body to recover after more strenuous yoga practices. The recent addition of the meditation challenge was perfect timing for me to increase my meditation practice. The Saturday Sober Women’s Circle and book club is supportive and aids my recovery. I find ease in my sobriety with support from the other women in the group. Conversation is open, and it is nice to have a platform to express my feelings and ideas without judgment.


This community is supportive and loving during a time of stress and unrest in the world. Metta practice of loving kindness toward all beings everywhere provides me with compassion for all around me. My husband and people close to me have noticed that I am kinder and less volatile. People who I work with have commented that I am calm, even though I feel upset often with things that are happening in the world. This practice has been invaluable to me and I thank all who are in the community who make loving comments and jokes in the What’s App feed. I am so thankful to have made friends around the globe.