30 Day Yoga Challenges

30 Day Yoga Challenges: How Professional Yoga Teachers Inspire YOU!

Are you ready to tackle a challenge? Are you looking for a reason to get inspired and to motivate those around you? Here at the Mindful Life Practice Community, we believe that our 30 Day Yoga Challenges are the perfect way to get inspired while taking control of your mind and body. The MLPC was founded by Alex and it was through her own 30 Day Challenge that she came to realize the immense benefits that yoga could provide. If you are ready to tackle your next challenge with the MLPC, keep on reading!

Working with professional yoga teachers is a great way to learn the foundation of yoga. Taking the skills that you've learned and incorporating them into your own 30 Day Yoga Challenges can be an even better way to push yourself forward. This style of challenge does not demand that you work yourself tirelessly. Instead, you simply need to practice yoga every single day. There are plenty of ways that you can accomplish this challenge with and without the help of professional yoga teachers.

When starting your 30 Day Yoga Challenge, try and practice every single day. If you want to sign up for a drop-in class at the MLPC for only $10, simply head over to our booking page. We also offer access to free one-week trials as well as discounted longer-term plans. No matter how you approach practicing yoga every day, make sure to log your work in a spreadsheet to keep track of your progress. If you succeed in practicing yoga every day, your spreadsheet will act as an entry into a raffle to one either free life coaching sessions, a free distance Reiki session, or a free private yoga session with one of our talented and professional yoga teachers!

Are you ready to reach a new limit? Contact the MLPC today!

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