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The virtual yoga community for travelers and expats - established in March 2020.


Have you ever struggled when traveling, living or working abroad to find a like-minded community? A high-quality yoga studio with variety of classes? Or establishing the routines and rituals necessary to stay grounded through transitions? Or maybe you’re not living abroad, but you’re in an isolated location where yoga just isn’t accessible. 


I'm @alexmcrobs, a Canadian Expatriate living in Abu Dhabi and the creator of The Mindful Life Practice Community. I work full time as a grade one teacher,  but my passion in life is helping others find purpose, balance and intention through practicing yoga and life coaching.


When I moved to Kuwait at age 23, I had my first real experience of culture shock. Living in a culture so foreign to me, paired with the fact that I couldn't regularily attend yoga classes, really challenged my mental health. The nearest yoga studio was a one hour drive away, and it wasn't affordable on my teacher's salary. What I truly missed was the community and connection that being part of a yoga studio environment gave me.


I created the MLPC in March 2020 to help other expats and travelers in the same situation. We are a virtual studio that helps expats, travelers and participants from all over the world find the support they need through a constant yoga community to make transitions in a calm and healthy way. We offer not just yoga, but meditations, sharing circles, community events and life coaching. With our live schedule of 5+ classes per day on Zoom and our on-demand, archived library of over 500 yoga, pilates, barre classes and meditations, no matter how many times you relocate and how many times in a year you travel, one thing will stay constant – your movement & mindfulness with us. Your favorite yoga teachers and your yoga community will come with you no matter where you go. This will allow you to be better equipped to handle any of the challenges you might face: from culture shock, adversity, depression, stress or anxiety - from a calmer, more centered place. 

It’s not just “yoga on youtube” - it’s live yoga teachers you build a relationship with and a community that supports you every day. Ultimately, we’ll be with you wherever you go - and help you establish the tools to meet and greet whatever challenges come your way and wherever the world takes you. 

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Meet our teachers 


500 Hr Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Life Coach in Abu Dhabi

Erin G

Yin Yoga Instructor in Abu Dhabi, UAE


Certified Yoga Teacher in Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Vinyasa Yoga Instructor in Barrie, Ontario, Canada



Sober Girls Club Leader in Bahrain


Vinyasa Yoga Instructor in Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Yoga and Pilates Instructor in Abu Dhabi, UAE


Yoga Instructor in Maryland, USA


Book Club Leader in Kuwait


Certified Life Coach in Wisconsin, USA

Sara Allain Botsford

Yoga Instructor in Abu Dhabi, UAE


Yoga Instructor in Minnesota, USA

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