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Jules Allan

My approach to yoga is focussed on creating a safe and welcoming space; gentle, accessible, joyful, intuitive, creative, mindful, nourishing and restorative. Everything I offer is an invitation, we explore in the class what works for our bodies and minds in the moment.

From a young age I have practiced yoga, meditation and movement to manage my own wellbeing and managing my disability Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have found yoga to be integral in managing my physical health as well as my mental health, I believe in the body and mind connection and a holistic approach to my teaching and my own practice. I work in a person centred way, always open and learning from the participants, other practitioners, training and resources in how I can create yoga for Everybody, I adapt my approach to each group and person I work with.

I have been teaching in wellbeing across The South West of the UK for over 25 years, I teach regular classes, courses, workshops, groups, one to one and retreats with various groups and organisations. I specialise in developing and teaching Gentle Yoga, Accessible Yoga, Yoga for EveryBody and Creative Movement

I am so excited to be joining Alex and The MLPC team. I have loved being a member of the community, attending so many different types of classes with such a wide range of amazing teachers, it's like being a part of a global community from my own living room! I am so inspired to be teaching on the Sober Girls Yoga Programme, yoga has been so important to me and my own sobriety.


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