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Yasir El Mahdi

I was introduced to yoga at a Make a Wish Foundation Yoga class in 2019. That’s where I met Alex (the founder and creator of the Mindful Life Practice and Sober Curious Yoga). I loved the class, though I thought I would never do yoga again until I read Meditation from the Mat by Rolf Gates suggested by Alex. The book shifted my depressive attitude towards life and I started practicing yoga regularly. After the lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 I was afraid to go back to my old days of depression until fortunately Alex offered her first online yoga session. After doing yoga everyday for a month I asked if I could help and gratefully Alex agreed and that’s when I officially joined the MLPC as their first staff.

If you ever joined a regular class with the MLPC, you’d likely see me there. Hi, my name is Yasir and I’m the virtual assistant to Alex. I help with the website, archiving the classes, social media, blogging, offering any help to the community, amongst other things.

I love how yoga, as one of our community members once said, makes you strong in the most gentle way. It makes me mindful of my mindset, feelings and spirituality. What I love most about the Mindful Life Practice and SCY is how inclusive, offer a non-judgmental safe place for everyone to invoke their own journey. I’m a student of this practice, practicing with the teachers and community has been a dream come true. I hope this reaches as many people out there as possible. I can’t wait to see you all on the mat.

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