Are you up for a challenge?

Make movement and mindfulness a daily ritual by participating in a 30 day yoga challenge, a 21 day meditation challenge, or an alcohol free challenge - with a likeminded group to inspire & hold you accountable. 

Our 30 Day Yoga Challenges

Are you up for a challenge?

One of our most popular programs is our monthly 30 day yoga challenges. 

This is what Alex wrote about her 30 day challenge:

"When I first discovered yoga in 2010, I jumped straight into a 30-day challenge, and the commitment to show up on my mat every day for the practice completely changed my life. After practicing for 30 days in a row, I saw and felt a difference - from increased sleep, to a calmer mind, to just an improvement in my overall health and wellbeing."

The Mindful Life Practice brings this experience to us virtually in our homes in a time when we need yoga the most, to help us commit to consistency, connection and community while in self isolation.

The Rules:

1. Practice yoga every day for a month. If you can't make the live classes, no problem, take an archived class! If you miss a day, you can make up for it with a double day later on -just make sure you take a picture/document it to share with Alex later on!

2. Record your classes on a spreadsheet.

3. If you complete all 30 days successfully, at the end of the challenge you will be entered in a raffle to win either: one free life coaching session, one free distance reiki session, or one free private yoga session with one of our teachers/coaches on zoom - your choice!

We start group yoga challenges on the first of the month, every month. We also design custom yoga challenges for small groups and corporations. If you'd like to take on a private yoga challenge, starting any time, email

Our 30-Day Challenge Hall of Fame

  • Nadia, UAE

    April, May, June, July, August, and September 2020

  • Jaquie, USA

    April 2020

  • Shelley, USA

    April 2020

  • Jason, UAE

    April 2020

  • Jon, UAE

    April 2020

  • Yasmine, Canada

    April 2020

  • MJ, UAE

    May 2020

  • Ryan, Spain

    April 2020

  • Sam, Canada

    April 2020

  • Jillian, UAE

    April 2020

  • Jemma, UAE

    April, May and June 2020

  • Hayley, UK

    April 2020

  • Wendy, Canada

    May 2020

  • Jenny, USA

    April 2020

  • Sara, UAE

    April, May and June 2020

  • Jenn, Canada

    May 2020

  • Maureen, USA

    May 2020

  • Emily, Canada

    June 2020

  • Emma, UAE

    May, June, July, and August 2020

  • Yasir, UAE

    April, May, June, July, August, September and October 2020

  • Leslie, UAE

    April 2020

  • Lujan, UAE

    April 2020

  • Alexandra, Greece

    April and May 2020

  • Sunita, UAE

    May 2020

  • Amira, UAE Dhabi

    May and June 2020

  • Rawad, UAE

    May and June 2020

  • Matt, UK

    August, September and October 2020

  • Tasha, USA

    July, August 2020

  • Sara, UAE

    April, May, June, July, August, September and October 2020

  • Laura, UAE

    April, May, June, July, August, and September 2020

  • Leanne, Canada

    August, and September 2020

  • Leigh, USA

    July, August, September and October 2020

  • Christine, USA

    September 2020


Introducing Nadia. Nadia is one of our local Emirati members. Nadia is one of the most committed people I've ever met - her and two other students have attended almost every single yoga class on the Mindful Life Practice this past month! Here's what she has to say about her time doing the 30-day Yoga Challenge:

"Joining the 30 day challenge with The Mindful Life Practice has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. The commitment I've made to practicing yoga every day with amazing teachers from around the globe made a huge difference especially during this time of crisis. These 30 days have been a spiritual journey. It kept my body moving alongside my evolving mindset with the amazing community that Alex has created. I never thought I'd be able to progress in such a short time. It took hard work and commitment but ever second of every class strengthened me mentally and physically. The Mindful Life Practice is much more than just working out and striking poses, it's more of a community where you can share your journey without any judgement and that's the main reason why it's been such a breeze moving forward. It continues to spark inner peace within me and getting in shape in the healthiest way possible. This led me to believe that a healthy mindset with a positive perspective generates a healthy body and lifestyle. I am forever grateful to The Mindful Life Practice and how this thirty day challenge has shaped me today.


The 30 day challenge has been a great experience with the Mindful Life Practice and a brilliant way to spend quarantine. When it comes to workouts and health, I always like to try new things. My journey into the practice of yoga began less than a year ago at a class to support the Make A Wish Foundation. I found myself coming back for more. I was never flexible before yoga and still not yet. Though, with practice and two weeks into this challenge I was able to accomplish poses like Bird of Paradise, Teaser, Headstand, Eight-Angle and Grassshopper with Handstand yet to be achieved...

The first few days were intense and hard as you start building up strength. Everyday there has been a new challenge with many different and unique classes. Showing up at the mat started to get harder midway. But showing up was more than just to oneself, but to the community. This cॐunity grew by the day. People joining from Canada to Brazil to Spain to Egypt to Abu Dhabi to Bali to the US. It was very nice connecting with people from different parts of the world. 

Guest teachers just added a little more spice to the challenge, with everyone bringing their own style. The timing of the classes were very flexible all over. You sure to find something suitable.

I want to thank Alex McRobert (founder and director of MLP) so much for helping me improve my yoga practice especially introducing me to yoga philosophy, as well as being a great role model. I find her teaching different from many others in that she is very mindful of each and every posture. Her classes are always themed and reads to us a quote with sequences and poses carried during the class which I highly appreciate. I haven’t missed a class (maybe a few) and that’s because I always leave feeling positive, respected, privileged, joyful and grounded.

As a person who participated and done the 30 day challenge, I highly recommend joining the next challenge. At the end of the month I feel a sense of balance physically & mentally, more connected, feel I have control over my life, and more relaxed & calmer. To me this is the best thing anyone could do during this difficult time.


Alexandra McRobert, founder of the @mindfulllifepratice, has taught us a huge variety of different yoga classes; ranging from Vinyasa Flow to Yin Yoga, from Barre Yoga to Restorative, as also certain aspects of the theory of yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas. What @alexmcrobs has created is something further than a “regular” 30 Day Yoga Challenge. @alexmcrobs has created a virtual community, by connecting all kinds of people from different backgrounds, from different parts of the world. Throughout the @mindfulllifepratice we were also offered Life Coaching sessions and introduced to other types of yoga, such as Pranayama, Yandara & Odaka Yoga. My initial idea for signing myself up was to keep myself active during these uncertain times and to challenge myself, in completing to at least one yoga class everyday. Overall, the experience of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge is one worth exploring. I started this challenge as a “challenge”, and it has turned into something deeper, I have met new people, I have explored a great variety of yoga classes, I feel stronger and leaner and I am now able to accomplish poses I was not able to accomplish 4 weeks ago. Namaste


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