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with Alex, Sober Yoga Girl

Are you sick of feeling tired, hungover, exhausted? Are you questioning your relationship with alcohol but don't know where to make a change or how to start? Have you tried all the programs and still haven't found something that works for you?

Alex works one-on-one with individuals to help them quit drinking and stay sober. While group programs can be a fantastic way to get plugged into a like-minded community of women, they aren't for everyone. Some people might need a little extra support, guidance, and accountability to set goals - and actually stick to them. 

This is for you if:

  • You are sick of feeling hungover, tired or exhausted, but don't know where to start on a sober journey

  • You wake up feeling guilty about drinking so much or anxious about the things you might have done or said

  • You are worried that if you quit drinking, you won't have any friends

  • You are worried that sobriety will be boring

  • You have tried group sober programs before but they haven't worked

  • You are afraid of joining a group sober program because of privacy


  • Complete confidentiality and privacy 

  • The ability to custom design a program that works for you

  • Accountability and regular check-ins with Alex

  • Personalized attention with Alex

  • Flexible with your schedule


"A few years ago, I posted something on TikTok that was titled, 'Reasons to Give Up Alcohol this year." Someone who didn't know me responded, I bet you won't make it a week! I replied, "Actually, I'm a few years sober and have helped hundreds of women quit alcohol. I also have a top 1% podcast about sobriety.

I've been thinking about this a lot. Since I became a sober coach a lot of people have backed off...but in my first 90 days alcohol free a lot of people questioned my ability to make it. A lot of people tried to pressure me to have "just one." A lot of people doubted me. 

It does not feel good when people don't believe in you. If you're facing this in your family and friends (or with strangers on TikTok) I am here to cheer you on! I take my job very seriously. Prove them wrong.

And if your friend or family member is taking a break from alcohol, the best way you can respond is, "I'm so proud of you," or "way to go," or "How can I support you?"



Alex designs custom packages with any combination of:

  • Inner process coaching, through methods from the Life Purpose Institute to help you get to the root cause of why you're drinking and what needs to change.

  • One-on-One yoga to help hack your nervous system and bring you from a state of chronic stress to a state of rest and digest

  • Meditation and Pranayama (Breath work) classes to help you tap into a state of calm where you're no longer craving alcohol. 

Depending on your personal needs and budget.

She can also provide on-demand yoga, meditations, workbooks and additional programming such as her 30 and 60 Day Challenges in a one-on-one setting.


  • Eight Weeks: this is for those who want to take a break from alcohol with support. This is customized, private, and all about you.

  • Six Months: this is to provide you longer-term support.

  • One Year: Recieve coaching with Alex  through all your first sober milestones, from holidays, brithdays, to new years. 


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


This is a little note for anyone thinking of becoming sober or taking a break from alcohol. Do it, it will allow you to gain some massive clarity in your life, even if it is just for a short while.


My sober experience started with the help of Alex McRobs. I knew she did life coaching and I was really interested to get involved in helping her gain some experience. Little did I know how much my life would change from one message to her asking to become part of her life coaching program. I decided that I needed a break from alcohol for many different reasons, but mostly because when I was drinking I didn’t know when to stop and was beginning to make some bad life choices. Craving alcohol when sober was never a thing for me but once I had one then I needed as much as I could possibly consume. I lived by the motto ‘More. Again. Forever’. Then I started seeing Alex...


She offered a calm to the storm and everything began to change. I was nervous about the labels that come with seeking help and coaching, would I be treated as alcoholic? Would she be unimpressed with the decisions I made? What if it didn’t work? I was so insecure and just needed an arm to help me in the right direction without judgement, preconceptions or self-gain. Alex offered this and more! 


For those that haven’t met Alex she is a loving, caring, non-judgemental person. She loves to see the good in people and promotes that part of them. We started off with a pre-coaching chat to get to know each other better and we found out we had a lot in common. This helped with the sober coaching because the problems I was having was her life nearly a year earlier, she was my success story and she was sitting right in front of me smiling and telling me it was all going to be ok. Together we came up with a plan that was specific to me and my needs. We agreed to have a check in chat and coaching every 2 weeks but she checked in on me every other day and always took the time to ask me how I was getting on. It felt she was there for me when I had my first craving, my first sober trip to a bar, there to pick me up after my first drink after my break and for all our coaching has ended she still is there for me to this day even with her busy schedule. She is more than just my life coach now, she is a close friend.


This is probably the most important part... Why choose to talk to Alex for help? Each person works differently and Alex lives and breathes that mentality. She is there for you and wants to help you. You are not a number or client, you are someone who she will treat as a friend and will do anything to help you. She catered her full program to help me and she has done this to help so many other people in different scenarios. Please just ask her for a chat to see if it’s for you and I promise you wont be disappointed. Life is too short to suffer in silence or to not seek a bit of help/coaching when it might change your life for the better. 


I will never be able to find the words to show how thankful I am to Alex and the work she has done. I just hope that if you are considering life coaching with her that you give it a shot. You won’t regret it.


Scott, United Arab Emirates

I have been having life coaching sessions with Alex, and they have been an extremely positive experience. Since I went sober over three months ago, I've been navigating a new life of better sleep, better moods, better exercise and feeling brilliant about life.


However, with this new life has come increase ambition for what I want to achieve. This is where Alex has been transformative. In a few sessions, she has grasped what I want to achieve, and provoked thoughts and ideas that I am then able to take on in the days ahead.


Alex is funny, caring and easy to speak to. Her meditative and worldly views only enhance the experience. The fact that she has gone through a similar sober journey only adds to what she can offer.


I always look forward to our chats because I always know I come out of them with an ability to face the world more clearly."

-Matt, UK


Does it ever feel like there are two parts within you? The version of you who wants to get up and meditate every day, and the person who wants to sleep in? The version of you that is ready to quit drinking and then the person who wants to stay stuck? The person who wants to adopt healthy eating habits and the person who wants to snack?

If this is you - due to request Alex is now offering one-off, powerful Block Breakthrough sessions. In this session, Alex will walk you through a coaching technique to honour these two parts, integrate them, understand where the fear is coming from, and move through your block faster than you would on your own.

This is a 90 minute process. Alex books the call in two hour blocks in case you go overtime.

Note: if you go to book a time and you can't find a time that works, please reach out to Alex and she will help you arrange it.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

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