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with Alex, Sober Yoga Girl

Are you sick of feeling tired, hungover, exhausted? Are you questioning your relationship with alcohol but don't know where to make a change or how to start? Have you tried all the programs and still haven't found something that works for you?

Alex works one-on-one with individuals to help them quit drinking and stay sober. While group programs can be a fantastic way to get plugged into a like-minded community of women, they aren't for everyone. Some people might need a little extra support, guidance, and accountability to set goals - and actually stick to them. 

This is for you if:

  • You are sick of feeling hungover, tired or exhausted, but don't know where to start on a sober journey

  • You wake up feeling guilty about drinking so much or anxious about the things you might have done or said

  • You are worried that if you quit drinking, you won't have any friends

  • You are worried that sobriety will be boring

  • You have tried group sober programs before but they haven't worked

  • You are afraid of joining a group sober program because of privacy


  • Complete confidentiality and privacy 

  • The ability to custom design a program that works for you

  • Accountability and regular check-ins with Alex

  • Personalized attention with Alex

  • Flexible with your schedule


"A few years ago, I posted something on TikTok that was titled, 'Reasons to Give Up Alcohol this year." Someone who didn't know me responded, I bet you won't make it a week! I replied, "Actually, I'm a few years sober and have helped hundreds of women quit alcohol. I also have a top 1% podcast about sobriety.

I've been thinking about this a lot. Since I became a sober coach a lot of people have backed off...but in my first 90 days alcohol free a lot of people questioned my ability to make it. A lot of people tried to pressure me to have "just one." A lot of people doubted me. 

It does not feel good when people don't believe in you. If you're facing this in your family and friends (or with strangers on TikTok) I am here to cheer you on! I take my job very seriously. Prove them wrong.

And if your friend or family member is taking a break from alcohol, the best way you can respond is, "I'm so proud of you," or "way to go," or "How can I support you?"



Alex designs custom packages with any combination of:

  • Inner process coaching, through methods from the Life Purpose Institute to help you get to the root cause of why you're drinking and what needs to change.

  • One-on-One yoga to help hack your nervous system and bring you from a state of chronic stress to a state of rest and digest

  • Meditation and Pranayama (Breath work) classes to help you tap into a state of calm where you're no longer craving alcohol. 

Depending on your personal needs and budget.

She can also provide on-demand yoga, meditations, workbooks and additional programming such as her 30 and 60 Day Challenges in a one-on-one setting.


  • Eight Weeks: this is for those who want to take a break from alcohol with support. This is customized, private, and all about you.

  • Six Months: this is to provide you longer-term support.

  • One Year: Recieve coaching with Alex  through all your first sober milestones, from holidays, brithdays, to new years.