Cathy Charles : Sober Approved Sober Yoga Coach

Meet Cathy Charles @Soberapproved - The Mindful Life Practice's newest Sober Yoga Coach!


What does Sober mean? 

Cathy describes, “it was more than just putting down the drink. More than just no longer going to places or being around situations that alcohol was involved. She realized that it was digging deeper. Connecting dots for Cathy about past emotional wounds, the science of our brain and bodies, discovering new patterns and routines and how to not get stuck on a label. Sober means instead, choosing a lifestyle that has sparked being curious and endless potential choices." 


Are you sober? Or Sober-Curious? Whatever stage you are at in your journey, Cathy will guide you to find a more enriched lifestyle. 


Cathy’s approach with one on one coaching is to guide clients through looking at their lifestyle in a curious manner. Coaching with a plan and triggering moments that lead to other healthy choices to stay sober.


Cathy found through utilizing all her resources that she patched together that letting go of judgment of herself versus staying curious made all the difference.


She wants to help others put a plan together, support and help others find their inner strength. Cathy coaches her clients in creating a lifestyle that is sober FULL.


Cathy has a Masters Degree in School Counseling. She has worked as a school and college counselour for twenty years. Many former students have dubbed her as their “life coach” as they have remained in contact throughout their adult lives.


Cathy made a choice to change her approach in her life in 2019. She decided to live a sober lifestyle. She was exhausted living her life through the mommy wine culture. 


She found that through coaching, community and a yoga community she is now living a SoberFULL life. For her sobriety she is  member of several different communities: AA (Alcoholics Anonymous),The Luckiest Club (TLC), Pandemic Sober Squad (PSS). In yoga and sobriety she is a member of The Mindful Life Practice Community. Cathy has sponsored and led many in their journey in sobriety.

Cathy is both a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Sober Yoga Coach. What does that mean?


Cathy will guide you through your own personal plan to a sober lifestyle and add yoga and the community as wrap arounds for support. Cathy has found that coaching, community and yoga all have led her to an enriched life and wants to do the same for you! She found that just doing one with out the others was not enough in order to make a full life transformation. 


The cost of Cathy's sober coaching is $375/month.


One month includes:

*One on One meeting with Cathy once a week for 60 minutes. During this time she will work with you in a way that is custom, tailored and all about you. 

*Communication through Whatsapp. 

* Access to all the Mindful Life Practice's yoga and sober yoga classes. Sober yoga classes include a check in before yoga classes, and sober circles (meditation & journaling & sharing in community) .