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Erin & Alex met while in line to order food in a cafe in a yoga studio in Abu Dhabi in 2017. Alex had recently moved to Abu Dhabi and did not have many friends, and was super grateful for Erin's friendliness! They ate lunch together and have stayed in touch since. Alex and Erin encounter each other from time to time at yoga events in Abu Dhabi. Erin is from New York and has been living in Abu Dhabi for eight years.



I'm Erin, a yin yoga instructor known for my passion, unique approach, and inspirational instructing style that embodies spiritual, mental and physical health. I am here to provide space for others to open, connect and heal.

Yin is a tool for our mind, body and spiritual health. It allows us to clear our life story and let go of any past traumas, wounds and emotions that may be holding us back from living our highest purpose. Yin gives us the space to connect with our highest self. It brings us back home to our essential self. 

Learn more about Erin on our blog interview.


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