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The Mindful Life Practice Community Offers Meditation Sessions Online!

Are you struggling to find peace during these trying times? Does the state of the world leave you feeling anxious? If you want to learn to work through these worries, you have come to the right place. Here at the Mindful Life Practice Community, we understand the value that comes from regular online meditation sessions. We provide access to guided online meditation as well as access to our archived classes for your exploration. If you are new to online meditation, let's discuss how this service may benefit you.

Exploring the world of meditation on your own can quickly become an overwhelming experience. Rather than getting lost in the details, consider letting Alex lead you through a guided meditation. Alex provides her meditation sessions online through Zoom. Each session will vary in length as Alex endeavors to teach you the different core aspects of meditation. From visualization and mindfulness to breathing and style variety, Alex will operate as your meditative guide during your journey toward a healthy mind and spirit.

In addition to the guided meditation sessions online, the Mindful Life Practice Community offers 5+ classes every day through Zoom. Members of the MLPC will enjoy on-demand access to an archived library of 250+ yoga classes and meditations to ensure that there is always something exciting to explore.

The Mindful Life Practice Community is meant to operate as a resource for individuals no matter where they are in the world. Our international group of teachers works from every place on the planet to provide access to healthy meditation sessions online. With an aura of acceptance and guidance enveloping all that we do, we hope that your experience at the MLPC is a transformative one.

Explore free access to a sample of our archived classes. Book your online meditation through for further exploration with a professional teacher!

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