Module 1 (25 Hours) - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Archived Classes 

Class 1

Module 1

-Asana Practice

-History Lesson 1

-History Lesson 2

-Posture Workshop 1

Class 4

Module 1

-Asana Practice

-8-Limbs Pranayama Philosophy

-Posture Workshop: Pyramid, Revolved Triangle, Goddess Pose, Standing Back Bends

Class 2

Module 1

-Asana Practice - The Koshas

-The Spiral of Learning

-The Koshas Lecture

-The Chakras

-Posture Workshop - Warrior 1, 2, 3 and Crescent Lunge

Class 3

Module 1

-Asana Practice

-Kosha Overview

-Chakras Introduction

-Posture Workshop: Half Moon, Triangle, Wide Legged Forward Fold, Extended Side Angle

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