Podcast Guest Information

Alex is so excited to have you on Sober Yoga Girl! 


If you are a sober guest, she will ask you the following questions. If your specialty or expertise is something else, Alex will send more tailored and customized questions.


1. Tell me about yourself! (location, age, hobbies, job,etc - whatever you want to share that makes you unique!)

2. When did you start drinking?

3. How did your drinking escalate over time?

4. What was the turning point where you decided to quit drinking?

5. What was the hardest part of sobriety?

6. What have been the best parts?

7. How did you start doing the work you're doing now in sobriety?

8. If you have any advice for anyone who wants to quit drinking, what would it be?



There are two parts to this application:

1. Complete the orange form with all your details - this will be used to create the podcast cover art, episode description, etc!

2. Book a spot with the purple "book now" button at the bottom.


Let Alex know if you have any questions! Super excited to have you on the show!

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Please upload a picture to use for the cover of the podcast episode.

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