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My name is Pooja Chiplunkar and I am a Certified Yoga and Pilates instructor and a Sound healing practitioner.

My passion for holistic living and Yoga started at a young age and stems from my Indian roots and the cultural values inculcated by my parents.

Having practiced Yoga since childhood,I always tried to spread my passion by sharing my practices with others. 


I dedicate myself to spreading wellness, wellbeing and holistic living through my teachings of Yoga.

I believe that continuous learning is key to expanding my knowledge in the field and enriching my experiences to be able to help and serve others better and I strive to learn new skills and acquire more knowledge at every opportunity that comes my way. I recently acquired an " Ayurveda for Yoga teachers" certification from a renowned school in India which allows me to combine the beautiful sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda and guide others towards a harmonious way of life.


Excited to be part of this lovely team at MLPC and can't wait to share positive vibes with all of you!

Learn more about Pooja on our blog interview

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