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7 Tips for Dry January

By Alex McRobs

When I first quit drinking alcohol, I actually originally quit for 28 days one day in April 2019. It transformed my life so much that I ended up extending my time sober for 90 days, one full year…and now it’s just a lifestyle change! If you’re curious about trying Dry January…Here are my top seven tips for the month.

1.Eliminate The Question

I tried many times to quit alcohol before I succeeded. How did I succeed the final time? I had a mindset shift. I decided "I no longer drink alcohol". It might seem silly, but try writing this out or speaking it outloud: “I no longer drink alcohol. I don't drink.. I am a nondrinker.”

2.Find Your Whys

One of the things I always say to my coaching clients and 30 Day Sober Girls Yoga Challengers is, "Find your whys and you'll find your way." Take time to think, What are my reasons why for going alcohol free? Jot them down and know you can always return at any time.

3.Count Your Days

At the beginning of going alcohol free, it's important to count every single day as a milestone and celebration. There are lots of great apps to track your progress on. If you sign up for our 30 Day Sober Girls Yoga Challenge, we will give you an old fashioned paper check box tracker.


The one commonality I've seen amongst people who have successfully gone alcohol free for a period of time is being accountable. Find an accountability circle to share with. You don't have to shout on the rooftops "I'm sober now!" But maybe choose to share your intentions with close family and friends, a coach, or other individuals who will help support you along the way. Join our Sober Girls Yoga Facebook group, and if it feels right for you, share your milestones within the group.

5. Do Something Different

Navigating social situations sober is hard. In the early days, I avoided social situations revolving around alcohol until I was ready. What different things can you do instead of going to a bar or a party? Remember - it's okay to be selfish. You want to do what you can to guard your sobriety.

6. Plan What to Say

Once you enter social situations, you will most likely be faced with pressure to drink alcohol. How will you respond? What different drink will you order? Plan out what you’ll say to your friends and family before you end up in the situation unprepared.

7.Give Yourself Something to Celebrate

How will you celebrate getting to the end of Dry January? I planned a special event on my 30th day to celebrate, I participated into a "Darkness Into Light" walk at sunrise with two best friends. What will you do to celebrate being alcohol free? Choose a special event to celebrate it with

(that doesn’t include alcohol!)

This article was originally published in the January Issue of the Sober Girls Yoga Magazine. Click here to read the full magazine.

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