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A Conversation with my Psychic - Danesh Kumar

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I'm super excited to have a very special guest on the show today - Danesh Kumar. Dan is a psychic I met in Dubai around 30 days sober, in 2019, who completely changed my life and set me on the path to where I'm today. Dan is a natural born psychic with over 15 years’ experience in the fields of psychic readings, holistic healing, and providing spiritual guidance to people across the world.

Completely free of any particular religious beliefs, his readings are a reflection of your current situation, identification of the cause of certain situations or patterns in your life, and a practical guide to action-steps you need to take to realise your desired outcomes.

Born and raised in Toronto, Dan is currently based between Mumbai and Dubai. He travels across the globe for in-person readings and is also able to do sessions over the phone or video calls. Dan and I are super excited to be joining forces to bring "The Power of Manifestation" workshop to you on July 25th, 2021. Join us for two hours live on Zoom - a yoga practice followed by a talk and Q & A with Dan. Go to to save your spot. Spots are limited to ten to keep the conversation intimate.

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Intro: Welcome to the Sober Yoga Girl podcast with Alex McRobs, international yoga teacher and sober coach. I broke up with booze for good in 2019 and now I'm here to help others do the same. You're not alone in a sober life can be fun and fulfilling. Let me show you how.

Alex: All right, so welcome back to another episode of Sober Yoga Girl. I am super excited for this podcast guest. I have Dan with me today. Dan the psychic, as I often refer to him and Dan is in Toronto right now. I met him when he was in Dubai. And he's also sometimes in between India. So he's a worldly man. Welcome Dan. How are you?

Dan: I'm good. I guess you can call me a psychic gypsy because I keep on traveling all over the place and I'm trying to help as many people as I can. Thank you. Thank you for calling me on your platform.

Alex: I'm super happy to have you here. And I think many of my listeners, many of my community members have probably heard your name a lot. I know I'm constantly giving out your number to my members of the "Mindful Life Practice". And I just want to kind of start off and give a little bit of context of kind of my story with Dan. Lots of people have probably heard bits and pieces of it. I was about maybe a month sober, feeling very low, very lost, really confused about what I was doing with my life. Kind of waking up to this reality that I wasn't super fulfilled with what I was currently doing. And I had this amazing assistant teacher and she constantly-- she actually kept saying to me, you know, you should meet my psychic for like three years. And I was just like, okay, I don't believe in psychics. Finally, I was just so lost. I was like should I be a counselor or should I go to a different school? Should I move to a different country? Should I do reading? And she said, you should meet my psychic. And finally I was like okay, I have nothing to lose. So I drove from Abu Dhabi to Dubai to meet Dan. Dan had no context on me at this point. I didn't have a public social media platform at all. So I don't think there's any way he could have like, found me and went into the session. He said, you know, close your eyes. Count back from 21 to one to open them up. And I just remember him saying, you know, you were never meant to be a teacher. You were meant to be a healer. And I just remember this hour of my life was like so emotional because Dan was telling me all of these things that I saw I dreamed of. I just didn't think they were possible. And he was putting my dreams into like a future that was actually going to happen. And it was this transformative moment you know, of moments in my life. Like this was a moment where I completely shifted and I started to do all of these things working towards my future.

Alex: And you know, here I am now. That was like April? I think that was May of 2019. It's July of 2021. And I'm now like full time running this business that Dan told me I was going to run two years ago. So it's pretty amazing and you know, whenever I have members or community members that are a bit lost and I always like, go talk to Dan. So this is kind of my story and my journey. And I still work with Dan a lot, you know, calling and texting him a lot, asking him for insights. And I think he's like one of the most empowering and such an amazing person to know. So that's kind of my story with Dan.

Dan: Thank you. That's very humbling, Alex. But I think the thing is you had the conviction to live your life's purpose and you understood that you needed the guidance when you needed it. It wasn't an entertainment thing. It was something that you were really seeking. And I think the point of you coming towards my light or towards me and where I was in Dubai and also traveling for what an hour or 10 minutes from where you were just to seek out the stranger guy that you have no face to have no background to. But you took that leap of faith and said "Hey, I need to fix something within myself but maybe this is the way". And when you sat with me and we had that our conversation, I think that your true of who you are came out and because you were not clouded by any substance or thoughts or any blockages that you got all the information that you needed and that right now you're living your path, your light, you're living on this journey. You're living on your yellow brick road right now. And you are living in this utopia that you're creating for yourself. You're truly becoming who you are meant to be and not who you thought you should be. And I think that right now, with everything that's going on in the world and you sprouting such a beautiful, lovely community for yourself, it's amazing. I mean, it's so empowering and so impactful. And I think that your journey not only inspires but evokes certain feelings in a lot of people. And I think that the more you speak about your journey. And that's not necessarily only because of what we've gone through together. That's your journey from the get go through the trauma, to the through everything that you had to go through to get to where you are right now in you are now not in somebody else's. Now you're in you're now. You're living in your true self. And that's amazing. And it's brilliant and beautiful the way that you made it happen. And I think I was the guide to help you and I'm honored to help you. And that's the fulfilling part of what I do is to see my collective consciousness. The people that I work with get inspired and live life so beautifully. And I think that you're right now in this zone of transformation. And I think this transformation is it's quite scary also for you because you're also like scared of the unknown. But as we look at just looking at what's going to happen right now at this moment, then you don't really worry about what's going to happen in the future. We look at right now and say "Hey, this is my calm, this is my kindness, this is my love this is me".

Alex: I love that. So helpful. Like, you can sense the nerves I'm going through right now.

Dan: Yeah, but I am-- I think that you're definitely in something that's really special for you and you are constructing it the way that you need to construct it for yourself. Does that make sense?

Alex: Yeah.

Dan: We're all destined--we're all destined for something. We all have a destiny. We all have a life purpose. We all have a life path. But for you to find it and be happy with it. And yes, it's not going to be easy. It's not going to be-- it's not going to be so simple. There's obviously going to be there's obviously going to be ups and downs. But the thing is to take the leap of faith. To do what you want to do that makes you feel good and gives joy and love and happiness in your heart. That's I mean, that's it's just beautiful to live in that right now.

Alex: It is. Yeah and you know, you touched on something there of moment ago, when you talked about having the conviction. To follow your path. And I think that is something that really got clear to me because I remember you know, coming to see you maybe six months or a year after our first session. And I had said like, nothing is happening. And you said, well, you didn't do anything. And I got so mad at you. And I remember, like leaving me. Like this is a big waste of money. And I was like, this guy's like set me in this wrong path. And I learned a lot about, you know, like we can all have this desire to change and we can all have these dreams, but no one is going to make them happen for you by yourself. Right? And so we have like-- this we have to have this belief in our own potential in this kind of like drive to propel ourselves forward to whatever that purpose is.

Dan: Right. You know, also recognizing what you need at that moment. Even though if we go back to when you left my place the second time or the third time when you came and you said, okay, whatever you're saying is not working for me. And this is not the place and this is not what I need and bla,bla,bla. And I know that was really hard for you to leave that time. And I know you went with dissatisfaction, but everything that I told you also in that session has happened. It's just that you had to take the first step.

Alex: Yeah.

Dan: You didn't take the first step. Nobody is going to ring the doorbell and say "Hey, Alex here's your life. Live it. You've got to make it happen". And the point of that conversation with you and I was about you being proactive and working and doing it, not thinking, not trying, not hoping, just doing. And I don't think you-- I don't think till that point you understood that. And then with things unfolding from your personal life and then professional life and you're seeing the milestones happen even though there were small milestones. But things were working out in such a beautiful way for you. Even coming up with your what's the name of your practices. Coming up with the ideology. How it was going to work out and stuff like that. Basically, whatever we spoke about, maybe about two years ago has actually come to fruition right now. And you're actually doing everything and beyond that and you've become this, you know, this powerhouse for yourself. But seeing that, you also have to look at the journey and say, "Hey, what were my learnings through that journey that I just took?" And that I should always kind of implement those type of teachings in my daily life and be consistent with that also. So it's just like when I do yoga that I need to be consistent with my yoga. I can't just do it once a week and then maybe three months stop and come back to and say, "Okay, I'm back to my yoga". We have to be consistent on things. And yoga is this beautiful creature that brings stillness and calmness and aligns our chakras and aligns our aura. And creates this great energy and positivity for ourselves. And depending on the type of yoga you're doing will help certain areas in your life, too. But I think that for you right now, that it's a period in your life or in a lot of people's lives that probably are going to be listening to this pad. There's a lot of transformational energy right now all the way till October, and things are gonna-- things are gonna just change. But the thing is, you've got to jump on this boat ride or on this train or on the plane to make the things happen. Just sitting there and waiting for it to happen won't happen. And some people will say, hey, but you know there's a concept of surrendering. Surrendering is not about action. Surrendering is about keeping your mind still. Surrendering is keeping your heart still. Opening it up, allowing things to happen, surrender so that the universe or your God or Mother Nature or whatever it is that you believe in, will help you in that process. Does that make sense? I know we're jumping. We're jumping all over the place, but I just thought that, you know, it'd be better for me to just allow us to get some clarity about things right now also about the future, what's happening right now.

Alex: Yeah, absolutely. That is super helpful. And I-- it's exciting to know that it's like an energy of transformation coming out.

Dan: Yeah, you'll hear about it. Like if you're in astrology, somebody is into astrology and numerology or any of these kind of things. These mediums or even tarot card reading, whatever it is, you'll understand that there's a big shift that's happening. And it's a global shift. It's a global shift of consciousness, a global shift of energy, a global shift of transformation for yourself. That as everything else is transforming, I also transform with that. Now, do I transform in a positive way or negative way? That's up to me. But I need to make sure that--. However, this transformational shift that's happening in these next few months that I'm on some sort of I don't want to say positive journey, but I'll call it maybe a mindful journey or a kindness journey. Actually, I mean the best way to look at it right now, this transformational time is you need to be kind to yourself and you need to understand how to be kind to yourself and what you need to do to be kind to yourself. That will be the biggest transformation you take.

Alex: Love it. Ahimsa like practice of self-love and nonviolence.

Dan: Correct.

Alex: So let's get into. I know whenever I talk to you, it's like always about me and I want to-- that's to be exactly. I would really love to hear your story. So it would be cool if you could kind of just give me a little bit of context about like your life growing up, kind of where you're from and your little story.

Dan: Well, I'm basically from Toronto. I'm born and brought up in Toronto by two immigrant parents. My father, I mean, he's not alive anymore. So he was from India. He's from India. And my mom is from a place called Guyana in South America. And they met in Toronto and fell in love. So I was a love baby. I was the reason why they had to get marry. And it was-- I would see my childhood was a journey because my parents were probably working three jobs each and they were immigrants so they were really trying to make it big for themselves. And I think that I was also part of that hard journey that they went through. So I had to also put a lot of my emotional needs and wants aside. And as I was growing up and as siblings arrived. I have two younger siblings. I had to be the caregiver. I had to be the parent also. I also had to be the nanny, the cook, everything. So that's a journey they took. So I didn't really have a childhood while I was growing up, but my psychic abilities started showing themselves to me around the age of I guess it was I think I was 16, if I if I'm not mistaken. And what happened is I was in the shower and I started getting an overwhelming feeling of loss. Like I have lost something. Then I started seeing flashes of people that I knew how they were going to go. And I started in the shower with the shower blasting on me. I felt my tears. And I was like, I'm crying or is in the shower. I turned off the shower, I'm crying and I was grieving everything that I just felt. I ended up getting out of the shower and I got ready. And my father was like "Hey, we're gonna go see your grandfather. He's in town from India and me and mom are going".

Dan: And I said "sure. I-- okay but I'm going to stay home". And he said okay. And then I didn't end up going to my room. I ended up going to my brother's room and sitting there. And I sat there in solice, like in this whole grieving state and just sat there. And I think in two hours time my dad called and he said, my grandfather passed. Yeah. So that was the first thing. So at 16, it's very devastating to get this kind of information to yourself. But as I grew older, I didn't really understand it. And I pushed it aside and I ended up going into a little hospitality. I ended up working for my father's company. I excelled at that. And I ended up going to film school eventually. Then I ended up in India. And while I was in India, my spiritual journey awakened again by reading a very interesting book called "An Autobiography of a Yogi". And it was-- I was staying with a family friend and I remember the family friend had a son. So I was trying to hang out with the son and I think he thought I was pestering him. So he kind of gave me this book and said "Read this book" and I read it but I read it as a book. I didn't take it as okay, he's trying to just push me aside or anything like that. Mind you, this person is like one of my closest friends right now. He's like a brother in my life. So I say reading that. So that was my spiritual journey. But my second journey started getting developing even more when my best friend came into my life and I started getting flashes about what was happening in his life. And I would just tell them things and he would be like "How do you know this? Like how do you know I'm sitting in a business room with this person, with this letter and we're doing a deal right now. You know where I at?" So I started giving my two cents there, then the next time that I got in something that was evoked as psychicness was that we went to a tarot card reader. Me and my two besties went through a card reader. So my best friend, my other best friend, she wanted a session. So she was she was doing the session and doing the session. I sat on away from the table and the lady looked at me and she goes "You just got some information". And I said-- she said "Why don't you just say what's in your head right now?" So I said it. And then my friend said "How do you know that?" I was like I don't know. She goes only my mom knows that and my mom's not alive. So that was the other incident. So after that incident, a lot of things started happening. My dad got really sick. Also--he also passed and after he passed, I went through a little traumatic period of my life and I started healing myself. But while I was doing the healing for myself, I also started developing my own practice and I started doing sessions for people. And I would tell them things like, you know, are you going to get a car or are you going to date somebody? Are you going to buy a house? Are going to move like really not very in-depth and personal kind of information. I mean, people still ask me that and I answer it. There's no problem with that. But I also make it a little bit more deeper. And I try to find help them find solutions to change the way they are and get to a place where they can feel better. So that was-- now if I look back now at 16 years of me helping people, doing my practice. And in my practice, I-- it's a solution based practice. I try to help you and guide you to find your potential. And I do give you nuggets or breadcrumbs of predictions of the future. But it's not that's not the important thing. The important thing is to find out how to unlock your potential. And what you need to do to unlock that potential and then how to get to those little breadcrumbs that I have lied. Put on the road for you. And the other thing that I do is a healing practice that I've also developed myself where I kind of do it's where I cleanse the person and kind of align them. And all they're doing is it's a 45 minute nap for them. It is. And they come out of it feeling a little less heavy and sometimes they do feel heavy because a lot of things are coming to the surface.

Alex: Right.

Dan: You know, when you're going through a healing practice or you're trying to get here. A lot of things come out to the surface. You know, a lot of people may also feel when they're doing things like yoga that a lot of emotions do come up to the surface. And when the emotions come up to the surface now, how do we deal with that? So this has been my journey so far. And I've been around the globe. I've been to London, Beirut, the States, Canada, all over the place. Then Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, you name it. I've got clients all over the place. And I may not physically go there. I think there's only a few of those that have physically gone to. But most of it's been virtual. And I think there's more than a handful of people around the world that I'm helping and healing. I also send out energy. I send out light. I send out healing. I send out love. I send out all these things. And I do it genuinely. I think that also within my practice that I think a lot of people are a little jaded just because they've gone to people who are to claim to have certain abilities and they feel like maybe they are just looking online and just researching them and then giving them the same information. But I can tell you that I don't really care about that information and I don't even do that. I don't have the time or the bandwidth to do that. I really don't. I do multiple things. Not only am I a psychic or a holistic healer, I'm also a creative head of music for a Bollywood company. I do that. And I'm also a food curator where I help people opening up their restaurants. Sit with the shop and actually help cook and make the menu with them to come up with great food ideas. So, I mean my plate's really full right now. So I don't have the and I'm not so technically incli-- I mean, it took me half an hour to figure out how to attach what are these earplugs to my iPhone. I finally got it. And I've not used them once before and it went automatically. This time it didn't happen that way. So I'm like "Okay, why is it not working?" But-- it didn't frustrate me. It just made me laugh at myself because I just like you've become so vintage and you still don't know how to do things and it's okay. It's technology. You don't need to know everything in technology. But that's my journey. And sorry to make it long winded but I mean this is the short form of the journey but it's been great and I don't think I would ever change anything. And I also think that the trauma that I've gone through. Even the trauma of my father's passing has only made me into the person I am right now and also heightened my intuition and my spiritual practice and my-- you know, my compassion, not only to others but to myself also. So it's interesting. It's an interesting philosophy and I can tell you guys I don't read any self-help. I don't read I mean, I hardly read. I read biographies sometimes but I don't read any real self-help books. I've never. I think the last self-help book which everybody must have read along with me was "The Secret". And after reading "The Secret", I was like "There has to be a better way". Does that make sense? I'm not sure if you guys know what the secret is, but--

Alex: Actually--

Dan: That's a huge thing.

Alex: I haven't read it, but I've heard so much about it. Like so many mentioned it. So I probably need to read it just so I can understand the reference.

Dan: Yeah, but it's something that it's interesting. It gives you some of the tools but it doesn't unlock everything. It kind of gives you like one little piece of it. And then you wonder why isn't it working as consistently as it could. So there's lots of tools. There's lots of people out there who are empowered speakers and there's more power to them. And if you want to go down that route, great. Go down that route. It would probably work for a lot of people. And also, if you wanted to see I mean, I believe and I just like I've told you to be a healer. And so there are so many people that have come to me that I've also told them to become a tarot card reader or work on their psychic abilities and stuff like that because I feel the world need a lot of us Lightworkers and there's not enough of us. And we need to help each other because there's a minuet amount of us and there's so many people that need help.

Alex: Yeah.

Dan: And the more people that are out there that are paying it for in helping others. I mean, it's the best thing. And I love teaching people how to become that person. I mean it's it's one of my favorite things to see somebody else who also has clients and their lives change and they feel so good about it. I just want everybody to feel good. You know, and it's not about negative or positive being positive or being negative in life. It's more about being at a place where you feel that you've got what you needed to be in this moment. Does that make sense?

Alex: Yeah.

Dan: Okay. Sorry. I'm so long winded.

Alex: Honestly. Thank you so much for sharing that. Like it's a really inspiring story. And I think sometimes we meet people where they are currently at and we don't know all of the obstacles and all of the things that they have overcome to get to this place. Right? It wasn't like it wasn't like Dan just woke up and he was like okay so--

Dan: I said. Yeah.

Alex: Yeah. It was a journey of like a journey of kind of figuring it out and going through different things and--

Dan: And I honestly believe that we have people that are drawn into our lives like my besties. My best friends have come and are very strong in my life. Came into my life so I could also become the person that I was and it was just there. They're not healers. Or then-- they're like everyone. They're just nice kind people. And they-- I was at the right moment at the right time. But it was them that were probably my, you know, inciting incident that happened that charged me or sparked me to make a bigger move forward. And I wouldn't change anything. And I wouldn't do anything to change what happened. And even if I could go back and get my father back, you know, a lot of people right now have to deal with this losing loved ones just because of covid and other things that if I could go back and change and have him back with me physically, I would do that. But sitting here right now, I would say "Okay. Fine". You have to do what he had to go the way he had to go in order to evoke a different way of looking at life. And he was a very learned man. Street smarts, not book smarts but street smarts. And he really evoked a lot of my philosophies in me. But he wasn't he was a spiritual person. He was religious but he wasn't spiritual. But it's his words that ring in me every day and his essence is around me every day. And I feel him every day. So he's not God. He's still here.

Alex: So beautiful. And I think I can probably touch so many people who you know, are also going through grief or loss to like visualize the spirit still around you and with you and kind of guiding you on your way.

Dan: Yeah. We always have to look at things. The loss of a loved one be it. Be it human, be it a pet, be the plant, be it whatever it is. A loss is a loss. And if we look at the loss and only focus on the loss and don't look at what their life brought into our life, then we're kind of doing an injustice. So I honor my father by looking at what he did in his life and the beauty of his life. And I don't only look at the part where he died. It was an important part of his journey. But death is not something that we should be scared of. We should just say it's a new way of looking at different things. With that, there's also a life. It's a different life. We just put a big word to it, calling it death. You know, if I called it bubblegum, you guys, we probably would have felt better about that. But that word has that word death has such a heavy connotation to it, has this heaviness to it. And it makes us because we've been programed since we were young to believe in certain ideologies and ways of feeling associated to certain words. I think everybody should watch this movie by Pixar I think it was "Inside Out" that talks about emotions--

Alex: I love that movie.

Dan: And how they have to be together, be it anger, be frust-- be everything we all have to be together. It's one of the best movies I've seen and it's so adult for children's movie but it's beautiful. And the other one was "Soul" that just released. I think that was such a great way of looking at how, you know, a soul decides on what type of life it wants to live. And it's beautiful that it's a great theory of it. It could be many theories, but I found that theory very beautiful. And it evokes the youthfulness within me when I watch a Pixar. So maybe they should come and sponsor you now.

Alex: I could ask you if "Soul" also a children's movie? Is that a new Pixar?

Dan: Yeah, it's a movie called "Soul". I think it's Pixar. So DreamWorks, it's one of them. You guys should definitely take a look at it. It's I mean, if you like Inside Out, you're going to love it.

Alex: I love "Inside Out" that was another one where I was just like teary in the movie theater.

Dan: Well the greatness of these films are they help you also learn something