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Community Interview #3: Faren

Meet Faren. Our friend in the UK. When Alex was part of the One Year No Beer Facebook group, she was offering free yoga classes for their community as a way to give back to the group that helped her quit alcohol and inspired her to do the same for others. That’s when Faren met Alex. Faren was quickly intrigued by Alex’s MLPC and joined our book club (back when we used to meet every week as a way to cope with the lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic).

“During lockdown I’ve been doing yoga with the MLPC and I thought I’d give the book club via Zoom a go - having never done one in real life I didn’t really know what to expect but have really enjoyed it and liked hearing other people’s take on a subject, and getting to know people on different continents.

After reading Meditation from the Mat by Rolf Gates, our first book & Alex’s Bible, Faren started joining our yoga classes. It’s always a joy having her in class along with her dog and husband.

I had the pleasure of asking her the community blog questions, she was so delighted to answer and felt just like a celebrity. Indeed she is our celebrity for this week, so here’s her answers...

Hi Faren! Tell us a little bit about yourself! Who is Faren?

Faren: Hi I’m based in East Sussex in the UK. I live in the sticks (countryside) and have a large garden where I grow veggies, keep chickens and have got really into composting and green living. I’m a holistic therapist, and am just finishing an Ayurveda health course, and I make my own natural balms & oils. I’m married and have a 17 year old daughter, a dog who often joins classes and 2 cats.

What inspired you to start practicing yoga?

Faren: I think I started accidentally when I used to work at a gym and went to lots of different classes, I then got more into it during pregnancy and carried on from there.

Have you ever had any experience with yoga before joining the MLPC?

Faren: I’ve done lots of different types of yoga over the years and been on retreats and always had a spiritual interest - I love the chakras and meditation.

What’s your connection to the MLPC?

Faren: At the start of lockdown me & my husband were behaving as though we were having a second Christmas - so we decided to stop drinking and have a health kick - I joined a 28 day challenge with OYNB and Alex was doing the sat morning yoga classes - I really enjoyed it - it was when we were all getting used to zoom, really peering at the screen but I especially loved the song she sang at the end. Alex mentioned the community she was setting up and I started from there, and joined the book club too. It’s mad looking back how quickly this year has gone!

How did you end up being so committed to yoga?

Faren: I’d always enjoyed yoga but it’s definitely the lockdown that has immersed it in to my life more, and being able to practice from home live rather than heading off to a studio means I’ve fitted in more. And the Ayurveda course on top has given me loads of reading on the subject so I feel I’ve had an expansive year.

Did you face any challenges during the month of November?

Faren: We had a second lockdown in the UK in November so I wasn’t able to work again, and we had rainy days so it wasn’t as wonderful as the first lockdown. I think as a therapist I’m starting to see the impact that the year has had on many and the financial worries for businesses, and that feels very sad.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve reaped from your yoga practice?

Faren: I think it’s definitely the mindset - and feeling much calmer and more in my body. The meditation and breath work really helped in the start of LD where everything seemed a little crazy.

What’s your favorite posture?

Faren: Pigeon.

What’s your most difficult posture?

Faren: Sun salutations make me flustered.

What is your favorite type(s) of yoga? And why?

Faren: I love Yin - I’m quite a speedy / doing person so it slows me down and gives me peace. I’ve enjoyed the Vin & Yin too. I do like going to classes, and am looking forward to being able to go to workshops / retreats again.

Any words of wisdom to those just starting out?

Faren: Try lots of different classes and teachers - as there is so much choice and style out there.


Thank you Faren for taking part in our blog and being in our community! I hope you all liked this interview with our star, make sure to share this post if you did.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.

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See you soon and may you all be safe, happy, healthy, and free.


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