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By Alex McRobs

The heart chakra is the energy centres along the spine right in the middle of all the chakras. It is the place of compassion, forgiveness and love. It is the color green, which represents transformation and love energy.

When it's in balance, you find compassion, you are self accepting, trusting, compassionate, forgiving, filled with hope and emotionally empowered. You are also well-equipped to reach out to others and to allow people and experiences to touch you.

When it's blocked, you might experience:

  • colds or allergies

  • shoulder pain or tension between shoulder blades

  • feeling lonely or separate from others

  • easily overwhelmed by others

  • appearing emotionally cold

  • lacking boundaries

Inspired by the Heart Chakra, I designed the HEAL shirt - and brought twenty of them along on my journey travelling to Abu Dhabi, Toronto and Mexico - and ALL of them sold out along the way!

Here in this article, I've collected some photos of our members wearing the HEAL shirt around the world.

Above, five of our retreat guests are pictured - Laura, Lizzie, Laura, Emma and Alexandra! They are all guests on the Abu Dhabi retreat this past June. Lizzie flew from Kuwait to attend the retreat and Alexandra came from Greece! The rest of the retreat attendees are from the United Arab Emirates.

What practices might balance your heart chakra?

  • Journaling

  • Therapy

  • Emotional release related to grief, forgiveness, inner child work, codependency

  • Balance the muscles of the thoracic cavity - to balance the anahata chakra - the scalenes, the pectoralis minor, the trapezius, the rhomboids, and the erector spinae muscles of the thoracic spine.

  • Get in touch with nature

  • Listen to music that touches your heart

  • Breathing exercises

  • Wear your HEAL shirt!

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