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Three Ways to Hold Space

New episode out today! In today’s episode of Sober Yoga Girl, I will teach you three ways to hold space for your friends and family when they have tough conversations with you.

If this episode peaks your interest and you really want to learn more, I'm offering two Sober Girls Yoga Trainings this summer:

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Sober Girls Yoga

This is the first of it's kind! A 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training only for Sober Women. This course has a focus on facilitating yoga circles and yoga classes specifically for sober women. This course is based on the chakras, and will include both yoga teaching techniques, meditation facilitation, and the skills to hold a women's circle. Walk away from this course as a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, able to run Recovery Focused yoga classes (and also general yoga classes!) in your community.

30 Hour Sober Girls Yoga Teacher Training

Are you already a yoga teacher, looking to learn how to lead yoga classes specifically for sober women? Maybe you're a sober coach looking to add meditations into your offerings? Or perhaps you are a sober leader looking to add sober circles into your community? Join us for the 30 Hour Sober Girls Yoga Teacher Training. This course is perfect for you if you're not quite ready or have the space and time for a 200 Hour Training, but you want the Sober Girls Yoga YTT experience.

Do not miss your chance to connect with like-minded women and learn how to offer recovery focused programs in your community!

Listen here!

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