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MLPC All-Stars: Jen and Maureen

As many of our community members know, the MLPC has started a couple of traditions since April: Monthly yoga challenges where our practitioners will complete 30 days straight of yoga classes (lived or archived), and to celebrate their success, we in turn badge them as “All-Stars”.

A pleasant surprise was that for our May challenge, we had not one, but two All-Stars!

You all might know Maureen, extremely personable, chatty and engaging with our fellow community members!

But lovely Jen has been practicing in solitude every single day thanks to her archives pass!

While both yogis have been practicing as polar opposites, they show us that sticking to your practice works best in whichever way it works best for you!  You can be just as committed to practicing alone as you are in a (Zoom) room full of people. If you’re anything like Jen, you’ll still make it to the end with as many practices tallied off as our sociable Maureen.

And now, without further ado, introducing our MLPC All-Stars! 

What inspired you to start practicing yoga?

J: I've had some mental health struggles over the last 3 or so years and it has gotten progressively worse. After spending a few months getting treatment I worked yoga into my daily routine once I was back home. It has really helped me to spend time each day caring for myself and gives me the opportunity to authentically check in and see how I'm doing.

M: I have always struggled with balance in my body. My doctors as a kid advised I take dance classes to help with this, which I enjoyed, but as I got older I needed something else. When I heard about yoga and saw the practice of physical balance, I was excited to try something new.

Have you ever had any experience with yoga before joining MLP?

J: A little, I've practiced yoga off and on for many years but have never really committed to doing it regularly - until recently.

M: I took a few classes that were offered for free at the school I worked at in Abu Dhabi and I enjoyed them. The teacher that offered them moved away, and when I looked for classes in the area, they had always seemed expensive, and my lack of knowledge of the variations of yoga classes intimidated me. I took classes from Alex and some others at a gym in Abu Dhabi for my last few months in the UAE, and I was hooked!

What’s your connection to the MLP?

J: Alex and I crossed paths a number of years ago while working at a summer camp in Canada. When I came across MLPC,  I reached out and we reconnected. I'm so grateful for this online community - thank you to Alex, all the teachers, and everyone else who contributes their time to this wonderful community!

M: My connection is only through knowing Alex- we worked together at a school in Abu Dhabi for 2 years. When quarantining began, I saw her posting about yoga classes and the MLP and I immediately thought, "I'm in!!". Her positivist attitude, and the connection we had as coworkers, drew me to practicing yoga again. I know not every yoga teacher's style suits everyone's needs, but after my first class with Alex, I learned what I needed out of yoga. I trusted in Alex and her vision for the MLP and was excited since I had moved back to the US and was missing taking classes with her!