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Sober Yoga Girl Podcast

Big Talk: The Senses and Intuition with Brenda Bennett

This episode was recorded live as a “Big Talk” for our online community! In this episode we had Brenda Bennett, a long time member of our programs and guest on our Mexico Retreat, sharing with us all her wisdom about Intuition. Brenda recently left a high pressure, highly successful corporate career to pursue her passion - which is helping people to get to know and TRUST their intuition and develop unshakable self-trust in the process. Learn more about Brenda here:


Hi, friend. This is Alex McRobs, founder of the Mindful Life Practice, and you're listening to the Sober Yoga Girl podcast. I'm a Canadian who moved across the world to the Middle East at age 23, and I never went back. I got sober in 2019, and I now live fulltime in Bali, Indonesia. I've made it my mission to help other women around the world stop drinking, start yoga, and change their lives through my online Sober Girls yoga community. You're not alone, and a sober life can be fun and fulfilling. Let me show you how. Alright. Hello, hello. Welcome back to another episode of Sober Yoga Girl Podcast. This is the third time that I'm recording a podcast episode in this way, and it's part of our big talks with the Mindful Life Practice. So for Mindful Life Practice members, they get to be here with us live every week when we record these conversations and ask any questions and be involved in the conversation. And today I am really excited to have Brenda Bennett here with me. And Brenda has been involved in the Mindful Life Practice for a while. She actually joined us on our Mexico retreat in June, and it was there when she really blew away all of us on teaching us about our intuition and our different senses and how we can use our sensory input to start to listen to our intuition and trust and follow our intuition. And so I thought that she would be an amazing guest to have on the show to share a bit more about that. Welcome, Brenda. How are you? I'm so excited. Yeah. To pre-apologize, I do have a little bit of a cold, so my voice is a little cracky. But no, I'm so excited to be here. When you offered after the Mexico retreat, I was just I was just blown away. I'm so excited. I love sharing this with everybody, so I appreciate the opportunity. Amazing. So happy to have you here. Thank you. And Luna is here too. She'll probably make an appearance. My cat will probably be walking on screen as well. Sweet. Oh, I love that. Amazing. My cat is inside right now because I'm sitting outside doing this recording, and I'm a bit afraid of... We're in a newish spot and I'm afraid of her wandering away. So my cat will not make an appearance. Amazing. So, Brenda, feel free to take it away with what you share. Yeah. So I really got into intuition organically like anything else. I'd say to loop it back in to while we're here with Mindful Life, for the longest time, I didn't listen to my intuition, and drinking became a really big way to silence it. I was in a job that was incredibly unhappy in doing all the things society tells you to do, just work, just putting your hours. Nobody really enjoys their job, et cetera. But I knew it was not meant for me. Lots and lots of whispers, hints, callings to other things, but I didn't follow it. And so really, again, to live it back in, that's really when my drinking started. The more my intuition was screaming at me that this was not what I was meant to do, the more my drinking took hold. I've been sober 18 months now, and everybody says it, but it's so true. Everything's really turned around. I quit my corporate job, and now I'm pursuing this beautiful life of coaching people, and intuition is a big part of it. We do a lot of work in the future self, working with our future self to get to where we want to be, to have the courage to listen to our intuition. To listen to our intuition, we truly have to have self-trust. That is really a lot of the work that I do. We're going to talk about intuition. Hi, Luna. But so much of the work is truly everything I'll talk about is truly about having self-trust and trusting that the voice is real, and then finding that courage to listen to it. Yeah, that's a little bit of background how I got into it. I'm fortunate to have, even though I knew the voice was there, the learnings that I've done is with Heather Alishay, with Atmane Academy. I'vesure I'm just looping it into my own coaching, but really fortunate that as I came into this path and really knew the intuition and working with my future self was the way that I left my corporate job with courage, et cetera. I was really fortunate to step out of it at just the right time. There are no coincidences, just synchronicities. At the right time to find Heather and her work. So excited to share an absolutely small group. I know you have some really good questions to, Alex. So if anything comes up, feel free to stop me in the meantime. Sound good? Perfect. Amazing. Perfect. So we'll ask a little bit of participation now. So what is intuition? How would you guys talk about intuition? How would you define it? I'll share that I think you asked this question in Mexico, and I'm pretty sure what I answered was that I can remember a time when I... When I hear intuition, I think about so strongly when I had made a major life decision that I knew it was the wrong path for me. And I remember my intuition, and that was the strongest it's ever been. But I've certainly felt it many other times in my life. But at this point, it was a full body reaction, and I was feeling it in different parts of my body. And I couldn't really explain why. I was like, I don't really know why I'm not supposed to do this. I'm just not. And I feel that I get my intuition. I think I don't feel it so strongly because I follow it much quicker in most other scenarios. I think this was a time when I had ignored, ignored, ignored for so long that it was just like, wham. But I think I'm getting intuitive hits all the time, and it's just this inner knowing of like, This is what I should do, even if it's against what other people think would logically be the right next step. Yeah, no, that is a great way to talk about it. And you're a perfect example of listening to it and following it. That when we don't listen to it, it dries up and it becomes more difficult to listen to. And I love how you've talked about it first that it was more of a gut feeling. I think that is the natural thing that everybody talks about when they talk about intuition is, I just had this gut feeling. But we'll go into why that's actually the last place you feel it. It's like if the gut is where it's finally and it's really super strong in your gut, you probably have had the hints for a while, but just maybe haven't tapped in and listened to it. I like that example. So interesting because that was the one time I felt it so strongly in my gut that it was like I was sick. My whole stomach was like... And I've never felt it like that at any other time, but I think I've had earlier signs that I've just felt. I just don't know what they are. We will absolutely get into that for sure. You can... Sounds like you're paying more attention now, but so that you can be even more aware of where that's coming in. Yeah. So really intuition, your definition is great, but it's this deep sense of knowing something without knowing how you know it. It's sensing, it's hearing. We'll absolutely get into the Clairs and talk about that. But it's truly that deep sense of knowing, not knowing where the information came from. Another way I like to think of it is it's a connection to the higher self. We're guided, however you want to think about it, we're tapped into the unified field for science or the universe or God or however you want to define it. We all have that connection in. We generally would think of that through our higher self, our soul, et cetera. I really think that it's our soul's way of communicating with us. Something I've actually started thinking about a lot more lately, there's actually two types of intuition. Intuation in general is that knowing without knowing. Then it's further subdivided into local and non-local intuition. Local intuition, this is much more studied by science. This is the one that most people who aren't really into the woo, they can get on board with. It is the quick processing of information of things that we've either been exposed to or know or that subconsciously we're aware of, maybe things that we've learned but have forgotten. It's just our rapid processing and accessing of that information in a situation. It sometimes very much feels like intuition because it's information maybe we forgot or we learned a long time ago, or it's our brain's making this beautiful connection of everything very quickly in real time with new information. So it does feel very new. It feels like something that's come out of thin air. But generally, when we're talking about local intuition, it's something that we've already been exposed to. The way I think of it is local intuition is my past self talking to me and giving me information. It's things that I've learned from my past, either this lifetime, other lifetimes, however you want to think about it. We'll get into time being nonlinear, too. But that's the way I'm starting to think about it, is that, okay, my past self helps me to make sense of the world around me in a very rapid way. The other type of intuition is non-local intuition, and this is more of the woo. This is the more esoteric, the more fun definition. This is what we're really going to get into in a little bit with the science. How do you listen to it? How do you trust it? That is anything outside of that field. It's tapping into that unified field. It's information in real time that we haven't been exposed to. I don't necessarily, at this point in my intuitive journey, have the gift of reading for others. But when we think about like Dan, he's truly tapping into somebody's field and reading their energy and reading their information. And that's one way certainly that it shows up is we can read other peoples, but we can also absolutely get information for ourselves. That is the non-local intuition. It's truly the more, again, we'll get into this science, but the more woo- woo definition, the definition that people are like, Okay, that's getting a little bit a little bit out there. But it's pretty cool that science is finally catching up to where we are. How do we know it's real? I think we already used a really great example. We all have experiences with it. You gave us a great example. We have that gut feeling. But I love that you brought in that you feel it before because truly, it is the last place that we feel it is in the gut. We have a lot of colloquial sayings like, Oh, my heart pulled me to do that. It's tugging on my heart strings. I felt pulled in this direction. And it's so a part of our phrases and our cultures without even really thinking about it. And we all had that experience. And truly, the one that most people can really relate most to is when they didn't listen to it. So we all have these, we're always getting intuitive information. But I think the one that you can relate most to and that most people are like, yeah, you know what? I did have this time that I knew I shouldn't have done that, and I did it anyway. I think that is the one that most people identify very clearly with, is the experience of not listening to it. But let's learn how to actually listen to it and trust it so that we don't get to that point. Let's get into the science. I am going to look at my slides here. There are two fundamental ways that we experience this world as physical beings. It's matter and energy, energy. We have matter, we have things that we can touch. We are aware that we have a body. We are physically sensing the world around us. Then we know that energetically, there's a lot of information around us too. Everything we're seeing is waves. Everything we're hearing is energetic waves. We're surrounded by matter and energy. Matter at the atomic level, anything that we're studying, getting to some physics, is going to obey Newtonian laws. The classic apple falling from the tree and hitting Newton in the head. That is physical world, Newtonian laws rolled the world for so long, really great at explaining how big things in this world work and operate. But science is really getting into understanding more about what is going on at the subatomic level. And that is where we're getting into quantum physics, in the quantum realm. So foundationally, we're finding that matter, even atoms, can actually be studied even further. So we're used to protons, neutrons, electrons, et cetera. But finding that even those components of an atom are comprised of something further, and it's quanta, it's energy. Everything is energy. There's two ways. The fundamental element is the quanta, is energy, and that is going to be either particle if it has slowed down enough to be a solid. That's how we're experiencing the physical world, or it's a wave. So a contact can be either a wave or it can be a particle. Here is where we get into something really cool, first study. These operate outside of the typical Newtonian space time, the way that we perceive the world. They truly exist outside of the bounds. And a great study, and I can get all the information, the quotes for it. But truly, when we took the... I'm not me. When physicists started studying at CERN, the Hydron Collider, they split a photon. They took a singular photon, and they split it to just to uncover or to observe, I should say, to observe the way that it operates. They found a lot of really neat things. They split a photon into two, kept this photon A over here with them, moved photon B some distance away to see how they operated. A few things came out of this. They found that whenever they manipulated A, if they became a wave or a particle or it moved a certain direction at the exact same time, photon B moved in the exact same direction. It was this idea of quantum entanglement that once energy is together, even when it's split, it still acts together. It's this idea, again, of this unified field. Everything is energy. Everything is interconnected. Even more interesting, and especially interesting for us, is they're observing this. They're like, Wow, this is really cool. I can see that this photon is doing what this photon is doing at the exact same time. They started to notice that their thoughts actually impacted whether it was a wave or a particle. They could think about the photon being a particle, and then it would be a particle. They thought about it being a wave, it would be a wave. We impact the world around us through our thoughts. And how else would that happen other than energy? So energy is truly the substrate through which all communication happens, all interaction. We're truly creating our existence and creating the world around us. And so energy is that substrate through which intuitive communication flows. So it's this idea, going back to the beginning when we talked about, is this the unified field is what science would call it. Is it God, et cetera, whatever it is, it's everything. The most basic elements of our world are energy, and that is how everything communicates and how we're able to communicate intuitively with others as well as with ourselves. I think we're all familiar. Our five physical senses are what are sight, smell, touch, taste, sound are how we experience the matter world and how we are here on Earth and we are experiencing the things around us, we're seeing, we're smelling, we're hearing. But I don't think any of us argue that we are in this soup of information of waves of things that are going on around us that we're just not attuned to. Our senses cannot pick up on all of the wavelengths. We know that our dogs hear way outside of our wavelength of hearing, and we don't question if that information exists. We know it does. We just know that we can't tune into it. That's the same with intuitive information. I don't think there's any question that there's information out there that we can't attune to. It is a question of how do we tune into this information? I have a couple of really great quotes before I move on to the seven gateways, and then how do we actually interpret this information? The first is coming from Einstein himself. Einstein is who really is the grandfather of quantum physics. He said that the intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithfulful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. Even the grandfather of physics, this was his obsession, was figuring this out. How do we exist in this world on this plane? I think that he, at a very fundamental level, clearly knew that there was way beyond what we're sensing with our senses, and that it is this intuitive knowing. He gives credit that... Sorry. Gives credit that that's the mind that we should be listening to, and that we've elevated this five-pound lump of mass in our skull and have made this the focus of our entire base of knowledge, but we're ignoring an awful lot of what's available to us out there. And then the other quote that I have is from Schrödinger. So I think we know Schrödinger's cat. Does it exist? Does it not? The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings. Still, I love to see that science is catching up to what I think we've known esoterically and in things like yoga and in spirituality and in religion for a very, very long time. To me, I love knowing this stuff. I know some people, they're like, No, I don't need to know it. I think it's just cool that it happens. I know and I trust that the universe is communicating, et cetera, et cetera. But for people that have maybe more of a left brain like me, I like the explanation. I think it's cool. I love seeing science and more esoteric things come together. I call it swo, science swo. So everything I talk about is swo. So we have our five senses, and we continually always talk about the sixth sense, and people refer to it again locally as the sixth sense. What is it? How do we sense intuitive information? A second, sorry. We sense it through our heart center. Alex, when we were on the retreat, it was perfect. We were talking about the heart chakra on the same day that we were doing this presentation. So it was actually perfect timing. I think that energetically and people who understand things like chakras and who that's an important part of their understanding and what they follow is very easy for them to understand. But again, scientifically, how do we access this? So the HeartMath Institute is an institute that studies a lot of this more, again, esoteric, intuitive, how do we interact with energy in our world? And they call how we sense things the heart brain. Truly, it's the heart brain gut, if we're getting to get more specific. But how do we know this? If we communicate via energy, we're going to be looking for electromagnetic fields. Where do we emanate from our body? And where do we access information on electromagnetic way? And the places that you see the two fields in the human body have an electromagnetic field that's very measurable by science, is around the heart and around the brain. The turtle field, it's called a turtle field. It looks like a doughnut going around us. It's about three feet out measurably with today's scientific analysis and ability to recognize energy. So it's a very strong field. It goes about from our heart center, about three feet out around us. If you put your arms out, your turtle field is right around you. The brain around the brain is a lot smaller. It probably only comes about maybe an inch off of the brain. This heart center is energetic, magnetic field is larger. It's 6,000 times, I'm sorry, 5,000 times more powerful than the electromagnetic field around the brain as well. Again, touching on what we talked about earlier, this saying that we've had for so long. My heart pulled me towards it, or I just felt it in my heart. It's tugging on my heart, strings. All of these sayings, we've always acknowledged that information does come in from the heart. We are pulled through our heart. There is actually more neurocircuitry coming from the heart to the brain than there is from the brain to the heart. So our heart is communicating information from the outside, from our field to the brain very quickly. That's why I mentioned earlier that the information that we're getting, gut feelings, people always say intuition is a gut feeling. Well, yes, it is. But that's probably the last place you're feeling it because information comes in from the space into our heart center, registers to our brain. This is why our emotions hit before our thoughts hit. I take on the coaching world when they say change your thoughts, change your life. It's really hard to change thoughts without the emotional backing behind it because we have beliefs and our beliefs about the world, they impact how we receive information. We really feel our emotions before we even feel our thoughts. Everything has to actually change at the emotional level because of this, because of this strong electromagnetic field. It's how we're interacting with the world. It's how we're sensing our world. So everything truly does come from our emotions. And really cool. So more experiments of how not just do we bring information into our sense of reality, but we actually impact each other. So if you were to scan and look at somebody's electromagnetic field readings off of their brain, you can actually sense somebody in their vicinity. You can start to see the wavelength, the pattern of their electromagnetic field impacting the electromagnetic field of the brain of somebody that they're interacting with. It's measurable. I think this is where we talked about Dan when we were in Mexico is how do you read somebody's emotions? How are you getting information about somebody else? Why can we walk into a room and feel how somebody else is feeling? The this is how we do it. But even more than that, it's truly why it's important to surround yourself with people that are going to be more uplifting. We have an impact on each other, and I think we know that at a very fundamental level, but we're able to actually measure that in the electromagnetic field, especially within our brain. I think we would absolutely find if they were to measure it within our heart space that the same thing is happening. But because it's science, we're so focused still on this lump mass in our skull that that is where all of the science is still looking. So we sense things through our heart, our heart mind, if you will. So any questions before we move into the seven Clairs? No questions. I just think it's so interesting. And I know that I've already listened to you share about this once before, and I still find it just as interesting the second time around. And some of these concepts like this idea that we actually can... You think impacting people's energies is almost like a metaphorical thing, and when it's actually thated backed up by science, it's mind-blowing. It's really mind-blowing. It's incredible. I just think we're in this time where I don't know if you're sensing it too, I think that just everything is converging. The way that the world is experiencing itself, the way we're experiencing the world, I guess, if you will, is just shifting so quickly and people are just so open to this. When I talk about my coaching, we are shifting beliefs. We're talking about how to change our life. But fundamentally, what gets everybody really interested is the intuition. Everybody is incredibly interested in this. It's how to use it to live a better life. I just think that validation that science gives to it, although spiritually, I know that we feel it, it just gives us that extra level of understanding. It's just cool to see science. I don't know about you, but I love science. Cool. They call them Clairs. It's the way that we sense the information. The information is coming in from the space around us. It's coming in through our heart field. Great. We don't have an active brain in our heart or do we? How do we sense? How is the information coming to us? It's almost like a different language. Let's talk about the ways that things come in. There's seven of them. There's really four main... I'm sorry, there's five main. And then there's two that most people would say that they don't sense or maybe it's the last to come online. So we'll hit on the five main primarily, and then we'll talk about the other two. I think it's important to note that you could have all of these or you could have one of them. They are something that you can develop. People, maybe they feel like, Well, I'm actually not very intuitive. That's not true. We're all born intuitive. It's just something that we have to develop and practice. We all have the ability, I would say me very minimally, but to play basketball. But Michael Jordan was just born with a little bit more stronger than ability to do that, but we can all work on it. We can all get to be better basketball players, I guess, if we spend our time doing that. But that's the example that I have, right? So we're born with the ability. Some of us are just naturally born with a little bit stronger, and some of us have to work a little bit harder to get it. So I think you'll notice that you probably, as we go through these, would ask that you reflect of, wow, okay, which is my strongest gateway? I'm like, other physical traits and things where we're working out, we want to work out all of our muscles and balance. Truly, when you start to work with intuitive information and you're starting to work on trusting it, it actually works better if you focus on the one area that you're strongest in, and then it seems like the other ones come online. I think it's just a matter of trusting and noticing and sensing, and then following through on the information that helps to open everything up. So the first is Clairvoyance. And so this is what am I seeing in my mind's eye? It's that screen that you see in your mind. Maybe it's a flash of a picture. Intuitive information doesn't generally come to you in sentences and full movies, et cetera. It's a flash. It's a quick beat of information. So, Clairavoyance is seeing in your mind's eye, pictures, et cetera. Clairaudience, this is hearing. This is that voice in the head. This is when you're usually asking, okay, am I crazy? Am I talking to myself? But no, many times it's a small voice. It's a quiet voice. It's a voice that's probably not having a full on conversation with you early on. It's probably whispers. It's probably a word or a brief sentence. For me, and you start to pick up on it, Claire audience is one of my stronger. I actually hear it as a voice and I hear it, it's quiet. It's a different voice than my normal thinking in my head voice. It's actually here. My normal thinking, I'm up here, the noise is up here, the rational thinking is here. But I know when it's my intuition because I hear it from down to the left of me. That's how I can pick up on the clear audience and know that I'm not just talking to myself. It doesn't always tell you what you want, but it's also not a voice that's scary or that's alarming. It's more of a guiding, positive or encouraging voice. Then there's Claire Cognizance. What do I know or automatically just... What do I automatically know? I just know something. Sorry about that. It's just this sense of, wow, I just knew that was going to happen, or I just knew... It's the hardest to define because are we actually mapping together a lot of other information from our other sources and calling it clear cognizance? It's very hard to tell. I can give an example. I was 16 and I just gotten my license and I'm driving home and I just suddenly knew that I was going to be in an accident. There was nothing going on around me that was different. There was no reason for me to know. I just knew. Twenty minutes later, I did get into an accident. I was just just knowing without knowing. I wasn't sensing, I wasn't hearing. It wasn't a picture, it wasn't a word. It was just a knowing. Hard is to explain, but I think when you experience it, I think it's very clear to you that it's happened. The next is clear sentience. This is actually one, but some people will break it out into two. Clear sentience is feeling it in your body. You can feel feelings. It's how do you walk into a room and you feel feelings that others are feeling, or you feel like you shouldn't be there, or you are in a situation that you just feel that you should get out of. That is a feeling that you have. Sorry. Then Clare, Sentience, Somatic, or what are sensations in my body? Something I'll notice is when something's right, or I'm supposed to do something, or I'm tryingI'm accessing and trying to feel like this is the right thing to do. Actually, we'll get chills. So for me, a somatic indication is chills. People, again, it could be that gut feeling, I guess. It can be butterfly's in the stomach. It can be a sensation in the chest. So Clair's Sentience is truly about what am I feeling both emotionally and then what are sensations that I'm feeling in my body. And then the last two are Clair Augustins and Clair Aliens, and these are the very, I would say minor too, but I'm very surprised how many times people will say, especially with Clair Aliens, it's one that they get. Clair Augustins is tasting. I've never actually had anybody tell me that they get this one, but it's a taste. Then Clair Aliens is smells. I think we know that smells are very particularly wired into our past, and that smells can bring up a lot of emotions and memories very quickly. I get that, but it's in relation to past memories that I absolutely have people that tell me like, No, I smell things, but I know I should do something, or I'm trying to figure out where I want to be. There will be a certain smell associated with it. Those are the two minors. But I'm surprised how often people tell me, especially Clary, Aliens, that they do sense that. Any questions on the Clare? No questions, but I just... As you share, it's just so interesting. I remember something that I think I shared when we had this workshop in Mexico. I don't know if you remember this, but I know that I have feelings, but I also sometimes just have an inner knowing and something that I knew when I was getting on the plane, I was getting on the plane to leave Bali to go to... I was first going to Abu Dhabi. I was doing a little vacation going to Abu Dhabi and then going to Canada. And I knew that my grandmother was going to die when I was in Canada. And I started writing about it. I wrote something about it on my phone. And I went back and looked when she did pass away, and it was May 27th or something that I wrote that she passed away on June 17th. So it was about three weeks prior, and she was actually doing well. She had had a stroke in December, but she wasn't on a decline. I had had no contact with anyone from family. There was no way that I could have known that other than just knowing. And I think I have a lot more moments of that than I'm aware of because it's just part of my normal experience. I'm not writing down this or that or anything, and it's cool to be listening and then categorizing them, I guess. Yeah. No, for sure. And I think that that really helps you identify your strengths, too. Like, clear cognizance, that was definitely something you mentioned in Mexico and even earlier when you were talking, it's just like, no, I just know that I should do this. I just know. I know that that is my strongest as well, so I know that feeling. We touched on it briefly earlier, but when you follow your intuitive hits and you listen and you notice the synchronicities, that's really, in my opinion, how the universe communicates with us. We get all of these hits, these these senses, these, these, these Clairavoyants, whatever it is that we get, and then what? How do we interpret it? What do we do with that information? I mean, it's, I don't want to call it a cool party trip, but we did, you can sense it, and you can try to point your awareness in that direction. Like when we were in Mexico, we did the coordinates exercise, which is when I show people coordinates and with no other guidance other than just the numbers that I'm showing them, we walk through an exercise of cultivating inner awareness. It's a very brief exercise of just, it's a little different than a meditation. We want to be aware of what's going on, but we're really bringing our attention inside. And then you look at the numbers and you see what comes up for you. And it was amazing. I'm always amazed when I do this exercise with everybody, but especially when we did it in the group and people are saying the same things that they're seeing. I gave the coordinates for Big Ben, and people were saying the same thing. It's on the water. I'm seeing tall buildings. I'm seeing... It was always towers. People were seeing towers. But everybody caught that it was on water. Everybody caught that there was tall towers. People were even getting things like... I mean, Anna knew it immediately. One of the participants just knew it. It was that Claire Cognizant's moment for her. But I think that... I'm not going to call it a cool party trip, but I think it's really cool evidence to see that it works. But truly, okay, we have it now. We have this intuitive information that's coming into us. How do we learn to work with it and interpret it? The universe, unified field, our future self, our higher self, whatever it is, communicates to us. Sometimes it's very direct with cognizant. Sometimes it's in metaphors. It is teasing out and learning and learning your language. It's not a universal language for the most part, but it's truly learning what does it mean for you when you get this information, these things that you see repeat, and playing with it and getting to know it and the way that we do it is through actually taking action. It's field testing and really getting to know and to trust. You will find the more that you follow your intuition, the more that it shows up and the more that life just truly unfolds with so much more ease and you're pointed to the next direction of what is for you. I can't explain it. I don't have the science behind that. I would think it would sound crazy if I wasn't experiencing it or around a lot of other people who are experiencing it too. But I really, if you get down to it, it really feels like we have this soul path. We have this path that we're here to do, this thing that we're here to fulfill. However that came into being, intuition helps us to follow that and to be on the path. The more we can trust ourselves and know ourselves, the better and more strong our intuition becomes. The more we trust our intuition, the more we start to trust ourselves. It's this beautiful infinite loop of reinforcement that it offers us as a part of our life path. That's how I like to think of it. That's how I've integrated it into my life is yes, I've loved studying it. I love the science of it, but then what? What do we do with that information? I can just say from experience, mine, other people's, that following and listening really does take you to the path of your happiest, most content, most peaceful life. That was amazing, Brenda. Oh, my God. So fascinating and inspiring and exciting. I'm just so interested in all of it, in learning more and in practicing and really listening closely to the intuitive sparks that I get and what that experience is like for me. Yeah. Just keep following it. You never know if the information is for now, like you experienced it, it was for the future with your grandma. It's trusting that the information isn't wrong. It's how we interpret it. The more we work with it, the more we get better at interpreting what it means for us and then how to act on it. But just like anything in life, taking the big action, following the intuition, following the hit, the action is where the results come in and where we can truly really use it as the beautiful toll that it is here to guide us and to help us in this life. Amazing. Well, thank you so much, Brenda. When I publish this podcast episode, I'm going to put any links that you have or any information, but do you have anything coming up or anything you want to share with our audience if they're looking for you and working with you? Yeah. So I do one on one work. I am launching group coaching as well. I have a beta group starting Tuesday. I have and like I mentioned, a lot of it is intuition, but it's truly looping in. How do you work from your future self? That is the biggest tool that helped me to stop drinking was to develop this character, this true future self version of myself, really getting to know my beliefs, what I want in this world, entangling, what's mine? What's somebody else's? What do I truly want versus what was I told in this life that I should do? And truly defining this person and then finding the ways to become her. So the workshop is all about that. And at the end of that, at the end of October, I will be rolling that out live. So we'll have that as an option for people to work with me as well, aside from one on one work. Yeah, I'm very excited about that. Yeah, so that's the ways to work with me. Amazing. Thank you so much. Thank you. You're welcome. I'm going to stop our recording. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Sober Yoga Girl podcast. This community wouldn't exist without you here, so thank you. It would be massively helpful if you could subscribe, leave a review, and share this podcast so it can reach more people. If we haven't met yet in real life, please come get your one week free trial of the Sober Girls Yoga membership and see what we're all about. Sending you love and light wherever you are in the world.

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