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"When your life is on course with your purpose, you are most powerful." - Oprah Winfrey

Purpose, Predictions and Practice Virtual Retreat
with Alex and Dan

Your life purpose is one of your central motivators in life - the reason you get up in the morning.  Purpose can guide life decisions and create meaning in our lives. But what happens when you lack purpose, meaning and motivation? This is when we experience burn-out, feel uninspired, and lack motivation. Alex and Dan are so excited to be coming together once again to bring you a virtual retreat experience. In this three hour session, Purpose, Predictions and Practice, Alex and Dan will be teaming up to help you tap into the Inner Guru within you and figure out why you are here and what your unique gifts to offer are. Join Alex for a one hour yoga practice, Dan for a one hour session in which he will do psychic predictions for each participant, and then conclude with a coaching and journal exercise with Alex to help you confidently solidify your purpose and set intentions to move forward.

This virtual retreat will be kept to a minimum of ten participants to keep it intimate.