Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training

September 5th-October 30th

Sundays from 5:15pm-7:15 pm GST (2:15pm-4:15pm BST, 9:15-11:15am EST)

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Are you ready to take the next step in your sober curious journey?

If you are someone who is sober or sober curious, have practiced yoga as part of that journey, and are passionate about helping others along the way, the Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training is for you. 

Dear yogi, 


Alcohol sales have spiked in the pandemic, and so have mental health struggles, feelings of isolation and disconnection. But with that, people are waking up and searching for solutions, and a massive wave is beginning of sober curiosity. 


The interest in Sober Curious Yoga has grown quickly because there is a need for a holistic program designed to help individuals create a life they don't need alcohol to escape from. Sober Curious Yoga is special because it is the only program out there that combines daily yoga, meditation, community, and coaching skills to help people change their relationship with booze and come home to themselves. As it grows, I want to train other individuals to help others, too!


Everyone is excited right now and hundreds of people have already transformed their lives through Sober Curious Yoga and achieved balanced, purposeful alcohol free lives. See some of our members feedback below...



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Amber, Bahrain

"I found Alex McRobs and Sober Curious Yoga after I had gotten sober. I'd gone down a rabbit hole of Instagram following yoga and sober hashtags when suddenly I saw a comment Alex had made on a post. I messaged her and joined Sober Curious Yoga and immediately fell in love with the community. 

Matt - Blog - Community Interview - Headshot - Sober Yoga dad - SCY

Matt, UK

I found Alex via a Facebook group, or she found me I can’t remember! Anyway the stars aligned and I started to think about trying yoga. I felt a great desire to try something new while also quitting alcohol. So from June 2020, I’ve done yoga almost every single day I think and on the odd day I’ve not done it I’ve dreamed about it! Alex had been so supportive to me throughout, always there always available as a coach, a friend and a role model who gets what this thing called “life” is all about. Stopping drinking alcohol has been life changing, but being a yogi and training and learning with Alex is right up there with one of the very best things to happen to me :-)))

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Sabrina, UK

Soooo happy to be 4 months alcohol free. Honestly the best decision ever.

Massive thanks to:


@alexmcrobs for inviting me to the Sober Curious Yoga challenge to get me started.

Are you sober curious? This movement is growing - come join the fun!

The bottom line is: Sober Curious Yoga is transforming lives all over the world, and we're only getting started. The Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training is the next big step for our community! 

As we expand, there may be opportunities for you to become a leader with the Mindful Life Practice's Sober Curious Yoga programs. Not everyone who completes this course will be offered an opportunity to lead with Sober Curious Yoga. However, I believe if you’re serious about this and put in the work, you will be ready to take on the role - and not only that, you can really transform your life and others lives. 

Here's what I can guarantee:

This course is the only sober curious yoga teacher training out there. It is my most well-rounded, specialized, and thorough teacher training program. I’m sharing all the life coaching skills needed to create and hold a safe space for groups on a sober yoga journey. I honestly believe this holistic, thorough, and in-depth program can really help people create a stable foundation for their lives, alcohol free. By signing up for the teacher training, YOU get to be part of learning how to lead it. The Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training shows you step-by-step how to support others on their sober yoga journey. I believe if any program is going to help you cultivate leadership skills, listening skills and communication skills to support others, it is this one here.

What You're Learning:

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Week 1 (Ground 0): 

Break Up with Booze

-The top seven strategies for going alcohol free

-helping people lay a solid foundation for the eight week Sober Curious Yoga challenge ahead of them

--Learn about triggers, habit change, and changing mindset.

-Learn to lead a meditation around triggers

-lead a community through a coaching strategy designed to break habit loops. 


Week 2 (Root Chakra): I am Grounded

-Learn about the root chakra, which is the color red and is at the base of the spine.

-The root chakra is the support system for all the other chakras.

-When it’s in balance, we feel grounded and stable.

-This week we will look at the root chakra and how to support individuals to align their physical health, physical environment and finances.

-We’ll be introduced to creating a safe space for a sharing circle.

Week 3 (Sacral Chakra): I Go With the Flow

- Learn about the sacral chakra, the home of creativity, sensuality, and emotions

-When it is in balance, we feel excited about being alive and able to go with the flow. 

-we’ll switch the focus to the sacral chakra and how to incorporate joy and pleasure into our lives.

-We’ll learn about yoga and gray area drinking.


Week 4 (Solar Plexus Chakra): I am Empowered.

-learn about the solar plexus chakra, which is all about stepping into our personal power.

-When this chakra is in balance, we feel confident, have high self esteem, and believe in our own potential. 

-We'll look how clients reevaluate their work lives to find work that is meaningful to them.

-This week, we’ll learn about yoga as it relates to anxiety and depression. 

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Week 5 (Heart Chakra): I Love Unconditionally.

-learn about the heart chakra, which is the bridge between the inner world and the outer world.

-when it is in balance, we can accept, love and forgive both ourselves and others.

-an in depth look into relationship dynamics of family, friends and partners.

-learn foundational coaching skills like how to create a safe space in group environments, listen without an agenda and ask powerful questions. 

-these skills will benefit your relationships, as well as improve your communication skills.

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Week 6 (Throat Chakra):

"I am authentically Me"

-the throat chakra is all about communication and represents integrity of speech.

-when it’s in balance, our thoughts, words and actions are all in line.

-we live with authenticity and integrity.

-explore creativity and self expression and how to integrate creativity into our lives.

-learn how to lead powerful meditations.

Week 7 (Third Eye Chakra): Everything I need is within me.

- the third eye chakra is about intuition

-when this chakra is in balance, we move beyond the surface and are able to see the world around us with clarity, insight and wisdom

-we’ll dive into the third eye chakra and learn powerful techniques to guide individuals to find their life purpose.


Week 8 (Crown Chakra): I am Whole. 

-The final chakra, the crown chakra, is awakened when all the other chakras are opened and balanced.

-When your crown chakra is in balance, you feel awake, alive, and in deep connection with yourself and the universe. 

-We will look at developing a sense of spirituality and tying it all together.

-By the end of this course, you’ll discover why you need to understand the chakra system to have a holistic overview of sobriety, you’ll cultivate a daily yoga practice, daily journaling, and learn powerful techniques to habit change.

-Learn how to set intentions to move forward and remain on the path of sober curious yoga for life. 


I'm also giving $801 worth of bonuses as a welcome gift! 

I care about the results that you will get, and I want to provide as many resources to enhance your experience. So here’s what I’ve got for you:


Bonus #1: Access to my On-Demand 25 Hour Root Chakra Yoga Teacher Training, "I am Grounded."

(Value: $400 USD)

- In the first 25 hour module of this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, we will study the history of yoga (the origins of sanskrit, the origins of yoga and the branches of yoga).

-Introduction to energy and subtle bodies through the koshas, pranayama, the chakras, and the philosophy of the 8 limbs of yoga.

-workshop the main standing poses of yoga (tadasana, down dog, the warrior series, etc.)


Bonus #2: Introduction to Yoga, Mental Health and Addiction E-Book (Value: $30 USD)

-learn about yoga, addiction, alcohol use, anxiety and depression,

-this will help you understand the science of how yoga works when it comes to addiction, depression and anxiety.

Bonus #3: Introduction to the Chakras E-Book (Value: $29 USD)

-Get a basic overview on all seven of the chakras, that we will be using as a template throughout the Sober Curious Yoga course.

-This will allow you to apply the science of the chakras to holistic healing from alcohol use.

Bonus #4: Free Two Month Membership to The Mindful Life Practice Community and Sober Curious Yoga (Value: $198)

-unlimited on-demand and live yoga, barre, pilates and meditations classes from the MLPC.

-If you currently have a membership with The MLPC, it will be put on hold for the course duration.


Bonus #5: Access to a WhatsApp group and Facebook group specifically for participants of the course (Value: $99)

-Immediately when you sign up, you'll receive links to join our secret Facebook and WhatsApp groups for course participants.

-You’ll be plugged into a community of like-minded people who all have the same vision and goal as you: to inspire and support others on a sober curious yoga journey and have fun along the way.


Here's What Happens Next:

As soon as you’ve signed up for the Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training you’ll get an email immediately which will give you instant access to the member area of the MLPC where you can join any of our live Zoom yoga classes, or on demand classes. And of course you’ll receive links to the $801 worth of free bonuses, and our secret Whatsapp and Facebook groups where you’ll be able to connect with the other course participants. That’s where the fun part really starts. You’ll be plugged into a community of like-minded people who all have the same vision and goal as you: to inspire and support others on a sober curious yoga journey and have fun along the way. In total, you get access to 20 hours of live trainings with me, that are on demand and you can access online after the training ends. And don’t worry, everything is broken down into small, bite-size chunks so you never feel overwhelmed.

Remember, spots are limited to eight to keep the community small so that everyone has the support they need to thrive. I like to keep my courses small and intimate so I can make sure everyone gets seen and heard. Because of that I’m only accepting sixteen students. The course is going to start on September 5th, so time is a factor. Once the countdown timer on this page hits zero, registration will close and the course will start a few days later. But it might sell out much earlier since the cart is only opened for four days. Spots are granted on a first-come, first served basis.

If you feel like this is right for you, click below to sign up for Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training and join the movement of people changing their lives all over the world.

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Join the Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training for one payment of $695

One Payment:




Join the Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training for two payments of $350

Two Payments: