Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training  Graduates

Alexandra Morton

200 hour Yoga Teacher in England, U.K.


Amber Ham

Hi! My name is Amber, and I joined the MLPC in July 2020 when I needed a community to help support my alcohol free journey. I found that in the MLPC and especially the Sober Curious Yoga community. My yoga practice has evolved to include more traditional yoga including yamas, niyama, asana, pranayama and dhyama. As my practice matures, I look forward to including the 8 limbs in my being and existence. I’m so thrilled to have become a part of the progressive and inclusive community where we can share our dreams and become more unified as a whole. Not only has my practice grown, but I’ve also become more interested in helping others through their sober journey as a group leader for SCY circles. I am currently a student in the SCY Teacher Training! I’m grateful for this community and what it has taught me about myself and the world.

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Annabel Price

Hi I’m Annabel and I have been in the fitness industry for almost 30 years, starting all that time ago in Aerobics and Step.  Currently I am a fully qualified Personal trainer and Yoga instructor since 2017. 

I am a single mum of 3 boys and currently teach online myself as Annabel Price Fitness from Barry, South Wales, UK 

I met Alex a few years ago and our friendship and connection have  just flourished.  I am delighted to get this opportunity to practise Yoga with you. 

I look forward to connecting with you in class.

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Catherine McPhilemy

I'm Catherine, originally from Ireland and living in Italy. I first met Alex and came across the MPLC during lockdown in December 2020.  This community has been an amazing lifeline for me. I have met so many people all over the world, the community has become like family. I have completed my yoga teacher training in power vinyasa and later moved more towards restorative and my favourite Yin. I am so happy to be now doing my Sober Curious Yoga teacher training as I am really interested in the area of mental health and wellbeing.


Cathy Charles

Cathy hails from Cleveland, Ohio in the states. Cathy is a 200 hour practicum Yoga Teacher Training with the Mindful Life Practice.  She is a sober yoga coach for the community as well. Cathy is the mother of 2 children (son and daughter) who are both attending college in the states. Cathy is a high school guidance counselor and has held several roles in education over the last twenty years.  Cathy is involved in many passion projects that revolve around sobriety.  She believes in living her recovery out loud to help light the path for the next person.  Cathy is a cohost of Gettingbac2zero facebook live sobriety show, she has been a guest on several podcast where she is dubbed, “the sobriety connector”, promoting awareness of those in the sobriety community such as authors, yoga teachers, alcohol free beverages and anything related to living an authentic Sober FULL lifestyle.  


Yoga has been part of Cathy’s life on and off for ten years.  What led her permanently back to the yoga mat was a sciatic nerve issue. The Mindful life community concept has once again taught her that community and connection are a key ingredient to her journey in all things for improvement in both physical and mental health. Not only did yoga resolve her physical ailment it improved her quality of life with anxiety. Along with this Cathy believes that yoga has enriched her sober journey. Most of all Cathy’s goal is to inspire others that self discovery. Remaining curious at any age is the most beautiful gift one can give to themself.


Hayley Fry

Hey my name is Hayley. I met Alex during the Coronavirus pandemic and started practicing yoga with the MLPC. I really enjoy the yoga and practicing with the community.

This was particularly important at this time. It such a great community to connect with. That is what I love so much about the MLPC is the really sense of a supportive and caring community. 

I have just started my sober curious yoga teacher training with Alex at the MLPC. This also has module one of the 200 hour yoga teacher training course. My plan is contain with my yoga teacher training and qualify as a yoga instructor with the MLPC.

I have been alcohol free since March 2020 so a little over a year now. I feel that community support has been keep to my sobriety. I now really want to help other who are sober and sober curious as I really believe it the best decision I ever made. Been alcohol free allows you to grow, develop and achieve your goals.

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Leigh Saulnier

Hello! My name is Leigh. I met Alex and started practicing daily yoga with the MLPC during the Coronavirus pandemic. I had practiced off and on for many years before, but I got more inspired to practice daily when I had to stop running due to arthritis. I have competed in the Ironman triathlon as well as many marathons in the past and felt a big void in my life when I was no longer marathon training!

I recently retired from my job as an occupational therapist working with children with sensory processing disorders. I am currently doing the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with the MLPC and hope to be able to start teaching yoga in the fall of 2021. I enjoy all types of yoga practice and have especially enjoyed learning pranayama and meditation practices recently.

I am alcohol free and have greatly benefitted from participating in the sober circles and connecting with the other folks in the community. It gives me joy to build friendships with people all over the world. My interests are ever changing but right now I love knitting, gardening, cooking (and eating) vegan food, and reading books about antiracism and the environmental movement. I am trying to build a creative practice and love to dance!



Hi I’m Sabrina from Scotland. I love yoga and personal development, and Sober Curious Yoga for me is where those two worlds collide. I met Alex in 2020 when I joined a 30 day sober yoga challenge. and I am so delighted to have the opportunity to host the sober curious circle this Thursday.

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Tamara Grimm

Greetings! I am a current student in the Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training program. I came to this community during the COVID-19 pandemic after my hot yoga studio, where I taught, closed its doors for good. I have long thought that yoga was a unique and important complementary therapy for those in recovery from any attachment/addiction, as yoga is a spiritual path that teaches us to release attachment from various forms of suffering. 


In addition to my yogi teaching and training, I am a PhD student and therapist in private practice. I have 2 dog sons - Harry & Eddie - that bring me indescribable amounts of joy on a daily basis!


Tasha Ackerman

I am a yoga teacher interested in community wellness, believing that through the practice of building awareness physically, mentally, and spiritually, our yoga practice benefits not only ourselves but the community around us as well. I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US, and have been living internationally for the past three years and teaching in international schools in Colombia and Nigeria. Practicing yoga has always helped me connect to my community and stay centered (as well as destress from a chaotic day in the classroom!). After deciding to leave my last teaching job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I completed 200 hour YTT. I have been so grateful during this period to have been welcomed into the MLPCommunity and am so, so excited to be contributing now both as a teacher and student. 


As a teacher, I like to approach my classes by taking the role of facilitator, with the goal of guiding students through their own journey towards self awareness. By flowing through and holding postures, we can explore themes that may be relevant to our lives both on and off the mat. I believe that we all grow through challenges, and encourage students to approach their practice with inquiry and patience.

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