Sober Curious Yoga Week August 29 - Sept 4, 2021

The Mindful Life Practice is so excited to bring you the first ever "Sober Curious Yoga Week!" In this week we are bringing together yoga teachers, thought leaders, podcasters, and coaches in the realms of sobriety, health and wellbeing from all over the world. This event is entirely free, put on by our community, with a goal to help you create a balanced, intentional and purposeful life - where alcohol consumption can be reduced or eliminated. 


Spaces are limited in Sober Curious Yoga Week to fifteen per session, and we will take bookings on a first-come, first-served basis. We are so excited to have you join!




Sunday August 29

Root Chakra: I am Grounded

The root chakra is at the base of the spine. When it's in balance, we feel calm, centred, and safe. Day one of Sober Curious Yoga Week revolved around safety, security, and physical health. We'll hear from experts on the science of mental health and yoga, nutrition and addiction, and excercise in our sober journeys. 


Featuring: Alex McRobert (Yoga, Addiction and Mental Health, The Soul Aligned Framework for Sobriety, yoga classes), Ali Morton (Discovering your Whys), Mim Klieberg (Nutrition and Addiction), Hayley Noelle (Exercise in Sobriety), Emily Abott (Yoga for EVERY body). 


Monday August 30

Sacral Chakra: I go with the flow. 

The sacral chakra is about creativity, joy, pleasure and letting go. On day two of Sober Curious Yoga week we'll hear from experts about integrating joy, creativity and pleasure into our sobriety.


Featuring: Matt Ellis (Mindful Flow 1), Jules Allen (Creativity Workshop), Alex McRobert (Sacral Chakra Flow), Amber Ham (Sober Curious Community), Sarah Williamson (Feeling your Feelings from Fear to Joy in Sobriety), Leigh Saulnier (Sober Flow).


Tuesday August 31

Solar Plexus Chakra: I am empowered. 

The solar plexus chakra relates to inner power, strength, and self confidence. Today is all about empowerment - our events will revolve around work, finances, and boundaries.


Featuring: Alex McRobert (Core Chakra Flow), Adriana Bucci (Boundaries Bootcamp), Erika Doyle (Mocktail Mixology), Andy Ramage (3 Sober Secrets), Emily Abbott (Yoga - Let Go and Nidra). 


Wednesday September 1

Heart Chakra: I am worthy of love. 

The heart chakra relates to love, compassion and empathy. Our workshops today will revolve around self love, forgiveness, and healing. 


Featuring: Alex McRobert (Heart Chakra Flow), Presley Yarrow (Ready to Heal), Niamh Dickson (Emotion Mapping Workshop), Alexandria Walker (Dealing with Guilt and Value Based Decisions), Leigh Saulnier (Sober Curious Community). 


Thursday September 2

Throat Chakra: I am Authentically Me.

The throat chakra is about authenticity. Our themes for Thursday are about communication, speaking our truth, and finding ourselves authentically. On this day we will dive into life purpose, and creating meaning in sobriety beyond just going alcohol free.


Featuring: Daniel Sencier (Build a Brilliant Sober Facebook Group), Alex McRobert (Throat Chakra Flow, Self Discovery Workshop, Sober Curious Community).


Friday September 3

Third Eye Chakra: I trust my intuition. 

Your third eye is the home of intuition. On Friday we will tap into our self-knowledge, insight, and intuition. 


Featuring: Anneka Reece (How Sobriety Helps us Tap Into our Inner Guidance), Alex McRobert (Third Eye Chakra Flow, The Exit Plan Workshop), Raquel Navarro (Yoga Nidra).


Saturday September 4

Crown Chakra: I am connected. 

The crown chakra becomes balanced when all the other chakras are in balance, too. On this day we will tap into mental health, spirituality, and bring everything into connection. 


Featuring: Annabel Price (Trusting Your Intuition - Yoga Flow), Alex McRobert (Yoga Classes, Sober Curious Community), Emily Abbott (How to be a Sober Ally), Wendy Blanchard (WHOLE Person Recovery).

Class Schedule - Appears in Your Local Time

Dec 11 - Dec 17