Feeling disconnected, burnt out and in need of a re-charge?

Sober Soul Weekend
in Al Ain, UAE 
June 17-19, 2021

If you’re ready to come home to your whole self, through the healing powers of yoga and meditation, and build lifelong bonds with likeminded people, join Alex for Sober Soul Weekend in the UAE. Go on a healing journey through the chakras and leave feeling inspired, nourished, whole and fufilled.


Picture This...

It's Thursday afternoon, and you leave the hustle and bustle of Dubai or Abu Dhabi City behind as you drive along the highway towards the sand dunes. The orange rays sink behind the skies. You exhale and leave the stress of the work week behind you, immediately feeling the energy of laid-back Al Ain.


With natural springs and date palm plantations, Al Ain is truly an oasis in the desert. "Al Ain" literally means "the spring" - named after the ancient underground falaj system of wells and channels that brings water from the mountains to the community.  


Gathering in a circle for a mindful meditation and check-in practice, you feel your shoulders drop and your heart open. Amidst likeminded, whole hearted people - here, you can finally let go. 


Day 1: Grounding & Flowing

Check in to your luxury accommodations in the Al Ain Rotana in the afternoon.


5pm - GROUNDING: The energetic calling of the root chakra is to help us feel grounded and stable. We’ll meet for grounding yoga practice, meditation and women’s circle.


6:30pm - Dinner Buffet 


8:00pm -  FLOWING: The second chakra enters the energetic center of our emotions, creativity and desire. This chakra is all about going with the flow. Gather together for an intention setting activity, visualization practice, and vision board creation, while enjoying premium alcohol free beer and wine. 

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Day 2: Empowering, Healing and Expressing

7:30am - 8:30am EMPOWERING: The third chakra is your center for inner strength, power, and belief in your potential. We'll start our second day with a strong vinyasa practice together.


9:00 am - Breakfast Buffet


10:00am-4:00pm - HEALING:  The heart chakra’s energetic job is to help us love unconditionally, both ourselves and others. Choose how to spend your day - pampering at the spa or relaxing by the pool. Perhaps you choose to visit the Al Ain Oasis or Jebel Hafeet in town. 


Option to book one-on-one one hour clarity coaching sessions with Alex during this time.


5:00pm - 6:30pm EXPRESSING: Balance the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, by exploring authentic self expression. This chakra is all about how we express or project our truth to the outside world. We'll move through a yoga practice, followed by a guided journal practice and sharing circle. 


7:00 pm - Dinner Buffet


After Dinner: Free time to enjoy alcohol free wine and beer with retreat guests, rest, or unwind.

Day 3: Connecting & Reflecting

8:00 am - 9:00am CONNECTING: The sixth chakra is the home of our intuition. We'll move through a vinyasa yoga practice integrating all the healing practices we've cultivated over the weekend.


9:00am Breakfast Buffet


10:00am REFLECTING: The seventh chakra is the center of connection. Gather for a sharing circle to reflect and integrate on the weekend's experiences.


11:00am - Check Out Time




What's Included:

-Two nights stay at Al Ain Rotana, a five star accommodation

-Dinner on Thursday and Friday

-Breakfast on Friday and Saturday

-Non Alcoholic Premium Wine and Beer

-Refreshment Breaks on Friday and Saturday

-Vision Board Craft

-Four Yoga classes with Alex (Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning)

-Sharing circle and guided journalling led by Alex 


Not Included:

-Lunch on Friday

-Any personal expenses like spa visits, mocktails or other food, etc

-Extra one-on-one coaching with Alex