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Light Watkins posted something recently on Instagram that I resonated with. He said, "How can meditation help resolve conflict in the world? Let's be honest: it can't. But what it can do is it can help to facilitate inner peace. And when more people are operating from inner peace instead of inner chaos, we can come up with more peaceful solutions to our individual and collective problems."

I've been thinking a lot about in times of chaos, what we can do to help the world? So much is out of our control. But what is in control is how we show up. if we implement our practices of asana, meditation, and wellbeing, then we can show up in the world from a grounded place - a place of peace. That is what it means to live yoga.

What does it mean to "live yoga" beyond the mat? What are the routines and rituals that a student of yoga can implement in their daily lives to live their yoga every day? What are the conversations we need to have about the practices of yoga philosophy that can help us transform our ways of being? How can a teacher of yoga implement yoga philosophy into their teachings to lead more inspiring, heartfelt yoga classes?

Many people don't realize that the study of yoga goes much deeper, beyond the asana  (postures) - to a philosophy that can change the course of your life. This is a ten week, live on Zoom YACEP course (Yoga Alliance Certified Continuing Education Program!) which will cover the basics of yoga philosophy in depth.

In this small group online program which will be limited to ten students, you will:

  • Engage in a deep discussion around the Yamas and Niyamas, to gain a better understanding of your values, relationships, and behaviors, as they align to living yoga, leading to a deeper  sense of self. 

  • Help you develop a strong spiritual foundation for your life and improve your relationships with others.

  • Lead to spiritual growth, personal growth and improve your well being.

  • Help you develop a regular asana practice and meditation practice. 


This is a 20 Hour YACEP Course (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program).  That means that if you are a yoga teacher, you can use it as continuing education credits for the Yoga Alliance. But you don't need to be a yoga teacher to join!



- All students in the program will receive one lesson plan created by Alex every week of an asana practice - sequenced strategically with a peak vinyasa posture, relevant quotes, and all the practices building up to a specific yama or niyama. If you are a yoga teacher, this will allow you to integrate the yamas and niyamas into your regular asana teaching! You are free to use this lesson plan in your regular teaching. If you aren't teaching yoga, the lesson plan can also be useful for a self led practice. 

- All students in the program will receive one meditation script created by Alex each week of a meditation related to the subject at hand. This script you are free to use in your work and life. 

- Daily written short readings, questions and discussions will take place in our community Slack Group. 

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