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Ubud Medicine Retreat

Feeling disconnected, burnt out and in need of a week of healing?

December 14 - 21, 2021

February 12 - 18, 2022

May 28 - June 3, 2022

If you’re ready to come home to your whole self, through the healing powers of yoga and meditation, and build lifelong bonds with likeminded people, join Alex for the Ubud Medicine Retreat this December. Go on a healing journey through the chakras and leave feeling inspired, nourished, whole and fulfilled.

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Picture This...

Picture this: the plane has landed on the tiny island of Bali, and you’ve stepped out of the airport and simultaneously out of the long, dark tunnel that is 2020-2021. Your senses are awake for the first time in a long time. You can feel the dirt between your toes, taste the fresh fruit, hear the hum of the jungle, and smell the incense burning. You feel free.


Sitting on your yoga mat in meditation in a shala in the rice fields in Bali, you feel your shoulders drop and your heart open as the sounds of nature surround you. You hear geckos humming, monkeys laughing and see sun streaked sunsets in the distance. Quiet, clear energy spirals up your spine, as you connect to your breath and your heartbeat. Finally, you can completely exhale.


A surge of utter knowing pulses through your body. Goosebumps race up your arms. You see your purpose laid out before your eyes. In a miraculous instant, your old ways of being wash away and a feeling of contentment and peace washes over you. 


As you step into the center of the circle of beautiful souls who surround you, you understand at your core why Bali is described as being more than a place - “it’s a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind.” You have the most content feeling that your life will never quite be the same. of the world’s few spiritual energy centers, Bali, Indonesia, has called you.


Why Bali?

Because from the first time I went there, in 2017, my experience was so transformative, I wanted to go back from the moment I left. I actually never wanted to leave. I had found a place so perfect, I never wanted to go anywhere else. 


The only way I can describe it is that the island is so peaceful, spiritual, freeing, and joyful. I returned in February 2020, just before the COVID lockdown, and Bali was just as perfect, filling, alive, and healing as I’d remembered it. I’ve always wanted to go back. In November 2021 I moved here permanently and plan to host retreats from 2022 onwards. 

Bali is known as the “Island of Gods.” It includes volcanoes, rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, and rice terraces to explore.

Yoga Retreat - Bali - basundari 4.jpeg
Yoga Retreat - Bali - basundari 4.jpeg

Our Retreat Centre

I would only want to host individuals at a spectacular location I knew would provide outstanding service, which is why I’ve chosen Basundari retreat center after meeting the center owners and visiting the retreat.  It is an intimate facility with two pools over looking the rice paddies and clean, luxurious rooms. It is a short ten minute drive or bike ride away from Ubud, making it the perfect distance from the city center. Ubud means Medicine. Ubud is known for it’s healing energy, healthy food, and peaceful lifestyle. Breakfast and dinner daily is provided, and the facility tailors delicious meals to a vegan diet, but also can accommodate other dietary needs. The retreat center fits a maximum of 22 participants at one time, but I am expecting a much smaller group at this time due to the current situation. Walk barefoot down to the yoga shala, fall asleep to the hum of the jungle, and wake up to pink sky sunrises each day.

Day 1:

The energetic calling of the root chakra is to help us feel grounded and stable. We’ll meet for grounding yoga practice, meditation and sharing circle. After eating dinner, relax by the pool, read, or get to know your fellow retreat participants.

Day 4: Healing

The heart chakra’s energetic job is to help us love unconditionally, both ourselves and others. After our challenging day yesterday, spend some time practicing some self love. We’ll move through a heart-centered vinyasa yoga practice. Afterwards take some down time to yourself. Maybe relax at the retreat center by the pool. Or, spend the afternoon wandering through the artistic heart of ubud. I’ll help organize rides and share some recommendations!  At the end of the day we’ll  gather together to practice a deep yin yoga class after dinner.

Day 7: Connecting

On our last morning together, we’ll practice one last yoga flow, a meditation, and sharing circle, connecting everything we’ve learned over the past seven days, before checking out. 

Day 2:  Flowing

The second chakra enters the energetic center of our emotions, creativity and desire. This chakra is all about going with the flow. Our second day will begin with a vinyasa yoga practice and then a private tour to the secret waterfalls in Bali. At the end of our day, enjoy a sharing circle, a slow yin practice and a meditation to unwind before dinner. Get a good sleep, because tomorrow is an early day!

Day 5: Expressing

Balance the fifth chakra by exploring authentic self expression. This chakra is all about how we express or project our truth to the outside world. We’ll spend the morning at one of Bali’s most famous water temples, built around a natural spring in the 19th century. The locals visit this temple to bathe in the healing waters of the pool. Bathing in this natural spring is believed to bless you with good health and fortune. After visiting the water temple, we’ll return to the retreat center for an afternoon yoga practice and dinner.

Single Room Accommodation

We will be staying at Basundari retreat center, a luxurious yoga retreat center newly built in 2019 in Ubud, Bali.  All rooms include a rice paddy view and air conditioning.


To book a room to stretch out all to yourself, cost is $1600 USD. This includes all activities, breakfast and dinner, and twice daily yoga with Alex. 


If you pay in full 120 days prior to the retreat, get an Early bird discount of $200 off. ($1400 total.) 

Day 3: Empowering

 Tap into your self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, determination and will. We’ll start this core chakra themed day at the crack of dawn  - literally. We’ll get up at 2am to drive to Mount Batur and participate in a sunrise trek. At the top of the mountain, all your tiredness will vanish when you see the serenity of the sunrise. We’ll participate in a meditation facilitated by Alex. After the trek, we’ll have a soak in the hot springs. Enjoy a lazy afternoon back at the retreat center before a restorative yoga practice.

Day 6: Reflecting

The Gateway to heaven is one of the oldest and most sacred temples in Bali. Aligned with the sixth chakra which is about intuition, we’ll have another early morning visiting this temple by sunrise. We'll finish off our evening with a yoga practice and a meditation. 

Double Room Accomodation

We will be staying at Basundari retreat center, a luxurious yoga retreat center newly built in 2019 in Ubud, Bali.  All rooms include a rice paddy view and air conditioning.


To book a room to share with a roomate, the cost is $1400 USD. This includes all activities, breakfast and dinner, and twice daily yoga with Alex. 


If you pay in full 120 days prior to the retreat, get an Early bird discount of $200 off. ($1200 total.) 


What's Included:

-Six nights stay at Basundari Retreat center, a boutique, brand-new yoga retreat center in Ubud, Bali

-Breakfast daily

-Dinner daily

-Twice Daily yoga classes with Alex

-Transportation and excursions


Not Included:

-Flights, Quarantine and Visa Costs 

-Daily lunches

-Any personal expenses and shopping

-Extra one-on-one coaching with Alex


What's the current travel situation in Bali?

Currently, Bali is open for tourists with a Business visa (B-211) and a 3 day, 2 night quarantine required. 

I have been in Bali now since October and having been to Bali three times, I think this is the BEST time to visit for a retreat because it is so quiet and there is so little tourism. I can put you in touch with a Visa company that I used to help organize travel. Please note that the situation is unpredictable and leave room for potentially a longer quarantine if restrictions change, and also flexibility in our retreat itinerary. 

Save your spot on an upcoming retreat with a $500 deposit today.


Early bird Discount is available ($200 discount) if paid 120 days before retreat begins.


Full payment is due 60 days before retreat begins.