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Begin Your Journey With Weekly Online Yoga at the Mindful Life Practice Community!

As the global pandemic continues to make it hard to commune with friends and family, finding access to yoga teachers online has become increasingly important. Whether you are new to the world of yoga or an experienced virtual yoga professional, our team at the Mindful Life Practice Community is happy to welcome you to the fold. We are a virtual yoga community that is dedicated to providing our clients with access to the weekly online yoga that they need. Let's explore our services, their benefits, and how you can become the next successful member of our team!

Let's start our journey by first discussing the value of virtual yoga. As you no doubt know, yoga is something that can be practiced alongside another or over the internet with a teacher. Here at the MLPC, we work through Zoom so that we can give our clients access to the yoga teachers online that they need even in these trying and unusual times. After signing up for your virtual yoga class, you will be provided with a Zoom link by your weekly online yoga teacher. Whether you are working with Alex or any other member of our team, you will be taken on an educational journey that is as beneficial as it is unique.

There are many different paths that you can take to enjoy your weekly online yoga at the MLPC. We are proud to offer a one week free trial to new clients. This free trial is perfect for taking a sample of our live classes to see if learning from yoga teachers online is right for you. This service can be ideal for individuals that are traveling around the country or are otherwise away from their regular yoga set-ups.

Upon finishing your one week free trial, clients who are interested in pursuing further yoga classes online will have the option to pick from one of our many flexible pricing plans. We offer Unlimited Weekly and Unlimited Monthly access to both Live and Archived classes at unbeatable rates. No matter which pricing plan you sign up for, you will enjoy surfing through our archive of more than 250 yoga classes, meditations, and mindfulness sessions. As you dig through our archives, you will be blown away by the progress that you make during your journey.

The Mindful Life Practice Community is here to help travelers, ex-pats, and yoga enthusiasts alike. We offer a flexible platform designed to accommodate your specific needs. From the classes that you take to the yoga teachers that you learn with, the MLPC works hard to make sure that your journey is as unique and successful as you are.

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