Live Zoom Classes

January 9th - March 5th, 2022

The Mindful Life Practice is excited to bring you our Late Fall Season of Live Zoom Mindful and Sober Classes! 

The Mindful Life Practice delivers our classes in an eight week "Season" format.

The eight week season gives participants an opportunity to form a bond with their teacher and classmates, and for teachers to teach a sequence of classes catered to the group needs and wants. 

Each eight week yoga course costs $75 ($9 per class!) Alternatively, you can join us with a $99 per month membership and join an unlimited number of classes throughout the season (If you do one class a day, that's only $3.50 a class!)



How it works:


1. Choose your Pass.

2. Choose your class (or classes). When you choose, you are committing to that class for the whole two months.

3. Join us for yoga! It's that simple!


The deadline to book classes for the Winter Season is January 4th, 2022.  When the countdown clock ends on this page, that's when we'll close bookings for the season.  We keep our class numbers small in order to keep them intimate, therefore we allow a maximum of 15 participants in our Mindful classes and 10 participants in our Sober classes. Make sure you book now to snag your spot before the classes get fully booked!