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The Mindful Life Practice Community sprouted out of the ground as a global yoga community for ex-pats and travelers alike. Founded by Alex, a Canadian Ex-pat living in Abu Dhabi, the MLPC was designed to provide a support system for yoga practitioners around the world. Whether you are new to yoga or prepared to take the next step in your private practice, the Mindful Life Practice Community is engineered to provide you with the assistance that you need. Let's roll through the many benefits that our team can provide you.

One of the most inspiring aspects of our yoga community online is the access that it provides to classes and important information. We offer free one-week trials so that you can experience the global yoga community before ever paying a penny toward your membership. What's more, we have also developed an archive of more than 250 classes on yoga and meditation for your consumption upon registration. These archives can be an endless resource of inspiration, motivation, and education. Compiled by our global yoga community, teachers from around the world have put in the work to make this archive as good as any other on the internet.

More than just a yoga community blog, the Mindful Life Practice Community is one of the top resources for really learning to practice yoga. While our classes are engineered to fit any skill level, you can progress from beginner to expert by exploring them all. We have teachers that specialize in every form of yoga practice including Hatha Pranayama, Yin Yoga, Power Vinyasa, HIIT Yoga, and even Gentle Flow. The style of yoga that you pursue will vary based on your specific needs as well as your experience. If you are unsure as to where to start, consider contacting one of our professionals through the 'Contact' page on our platform.

Once you've decided to embrace our yoga community blog and all of its offerings, you are ready to snag a membership to keep your yoga sharp. We offer memberships based around your needs, so take some time to look over the many options that are available through our global yoga community. We offer everything from unlimited monthly memberships to full-year specials. If you are a teacher, you can even get a discount on your rate! You will be happy to find access to a variety of yoga plans that can work within your experience level and budget on our Pricing Plans page.

The Mindful Life Practice Community was designed as a medium to uplift and embolden yoga practitioners around the world. Whether you are an ex-pat like Alex or merely an international traveler, you will always find what you need when you visit the Mindful Life Practice Community.

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