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BIPOC and lgbtqia2s+ Scholarships with the MLPC

In September of 2021, one of our members generously donated a full scholarship for one BIPOC student to participate in our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Value: $2400).

The MLPC ended up offering an additional scholarship on behalf of the MLPC so that one more BIPOC student could receive their 200 Hour YTT. 


We want the MLPC to be diverse and culturally rich, which is why we have continued to open scholarships for BIPOC and lgbtqia2s+ students to attend our yoga teacher trainings and become members of our community.


Scholarships can be available for:

- 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

- 30 Hour Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Trainings

- 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings


- Founders Club Memberships

Please submit the below form if you are interested and please share widely so it can reach who it is meant to! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me: .

BIPOC and lgbtqia2s+
Scholarship Application Form 

Thanks for submitting!

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