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From life of the party to Sober Yoga Girl

Like many expats, Canadian Alex McRobert dove into the UAE’s party lifestyle when she moved to the Gulf six years ago. Though based in alcohol-free Kuwait, she would fly to Dubai regularly for weekend blow-outs. After she moved to Abu Dhabi, the all-you-can-drink weekend brunches and midweek ladies nights were what she lived for. Read Here

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Inside the UAE’s ‘sober curious’ movement

“I got really swept up into the brunch and ladies’ night lifestyle,” says McRobert. “I would teach hot yoga classes hungover and toward the end of my drinking, my yoga was suffering. It was becoming less authentic and my teaching was deteriorating. I didn’t have a lot of people attending classes anymore.” 

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Alex McRobs visit to Rehabilitation Hospital in Abu Dhabi

As part of the mental health activities at the Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital, we have cooperated with Ms. @alexmcrobs - yoga trained - to organize a number of yoga sessions which aimed to renewing energies and spreading positivity.  Read Here

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Healing Trauma through Yoga

Rose Clark joins the Sober Yoga Girl Alex McRoberts for a discussion about healing our minds and our bodies from the effects of Trauma through Yoga. Join us as we explore the benefits of mindful and physical practices to help us deal with loss. Watch Here

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Best 5 Canadian Yoga Podcasts

This is alist of Canadian Yoga podcasts.They are ranked by traffic rank, social media followers, domain authority & freshness. Read Here

Alex McRoberts, Yoga Teacher, Sober Coach, Podcaster and CEO of The Mindful Life Practice

I feel like I have known my guest today much longer than the few weeks I have, as she has become an instrumental part of my life, my sobriety and my wellbeing. Welcome to Sober Yoga Girl, Alex McRoberts! 

Alex is young but has achieved oh so much already. She is a coach, a sober coach, an awesome yoga teacher - I am actually beginning my yoga teacher training with her very soon - and a community creator - she runs international, online yoga school The Mindful Life Practice (highly recommend her community). She's also a podcaster - and hosts the awesome Sober Yoga Girl. She has even written her first book! 

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Drinking and driving: Where culture outweighs consequence

Canadian sober coach and yoga teacher, Alex McRobert, whose parents were very strict with her about drinking and driving, also believes that communication and where you’re raised are factors.




McRobert, who has now been sober for over two years, also advocates awareness, especially among youth; something that’s influenced her mindfulness, community, coaching and yoga brand, the Mindful Life Practice.

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@alexmcrobs Alex is a Canadian Yoga Teacher and Sober Coach based in Abu Dhabi. She originally came over to the Middle East as a grade one teacher in 2015. After getting sucked into the unhealthy lifestyle of drinking to excess at ladies nights and brunches, she eventually quit drinking alcohol in 2019, and since has become passionate about helping other people change their relationship with alcohol, too. She has since left her work as a school teacher to work full time as a Yoga Teacher and Sober Coach. Alex is the founder of The Mindful Life Practice,  Read Here

Press - Alex - Facebook Interview -

Alex McRobert creator of Sober Curious Yoga School and founder of The Mindful Life joins us to talk about Sober Yoga and how it can benefit us on our road of recovery. 

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In this episode of Sober Bliss Meets, I talk to the wonderful Alex McRobert, founder of The Mindful Life Practice and The Sober Curious Yoga School. Alex is a Canadian living in Abu Dabi, party girl turned yoga teacher.  Listen Here


Sober Yoga Girl Alex McRobs shares her journey to #sobriety, included addressing her mental health as well as her true reckoning with alcohol. Alex’s decision to get #sober & #Recover Out Loud has transformed her life & that of others as a result  Listen Here

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Alex McRobs, known as Sober Yoga Girl, is a former party girl turned international yoga teacher and sober coach, founder of The Mindful Life Practice and Sober Curious Yoga.⁣⁣ Originally from Canada, Alex has been living in Abu Dhabi for six years. She left the partying scene in 2019 and now helps others do the same, using meditation, mindfulness, yoga tools and coaching.⁣⁣ Alex hosts the Sober Yoga Girl podcast. Watch Here

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Press - Top Sober Podcast - Sober Yoga Girl - SYG - Podcast

Alex McRobert, known as Sober Yoga Girl, is a former party girl turned international yoga teacher and sober lifestyle coach. Originally from Canada, Alex has been living in Abu Dhabi for six years. She left the partying scene in 2019 and now helps others do the same, using meditation, mindfulness, yoga tools and coaching. In this podcast Alex will offer weekly episodes with insight into her life and journey, including stories, strategies, and sometimes with special guests. Dive into topics such as triggers around alcohol, yoga philosophy, speaking to family and friends and mental health.  Read Here

Alex was interviewed for Radio 2 Breakfast Show, a local radio show in Abu Dhabi UAE where she’s currently based, during her first ever retreat in June 2021 as a celebration for International Yoga Day. Watch the interview or visit this link

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In this episode we speak to Alex McRobs who is a yoga teacher and sober coach. She tells us her story about why she stopped drinking alcohol in 2019, how she went about doing it and what her life is like now as a result. Alex also explains what a sober coach is and gives advice about how other people can become alcohol-free themselves.  Watch Here

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I was very excited in May 2021 to be invited for my first guest speaker appearance at a Canadian School. This was a big deal for me as it was my first occasion sharing my story of alcohol use with teenagers. In this talk I shared my story of how I moved to the Middle East, my alcohol use, becoming sober, and how I transitioned into running my own business, The Mindful Life Practice and Sober Curious Yoga. More information can be found about my programs at: www.themindfullifepractice.comWatch Here

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Livehealthy editor Ann Marie McQueen Zooms with Alex McRobert, aka Sober Yoga Girl, about giving up an Abu Dhabi life of brunch and ladies nights to quit drinking – a move that not only changed her life for the better, but sent her down a path of becoming a sober coach for others wanting to do the same. Listen Here