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I'm Alex!

  • I'm a Canadian who's lived in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Bali over the last eight years.


(aka Sober Yoga Girl)

But my life wasn't always like this!


I grew up in Toronto, Canada, and went to Queen's University for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education. During my time there, I struggled significantly with my mental health. I discovered yoga while at school and paid my own way to travel to Mexico to become a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. All I wanted to do in my life was to be a full time yoga teacher, running Yoga Teacher Trainings and leading Retreats around the world. But it didn't feel possible - and it wasn't the traditional career path that society or my parents wanted from me.


In 2015, when I graduated from university, I decided to follow the path society expected of me (with a little twist!) I took my first teaching job overseas in 2015 in Kuwait, teaching grade three at a private school there.

Moving to the Middle East at age 23 was nothing short of an adventure. While I grew to love the fast-paced, exciting life of living abroad - I hated my job. I love teaching itself - but not managing a classroom of twenty six little ones. 

Fast forward through a marriage, divorce, and mental health breakdown all at age 25 - I landed in Bali, Indonesia for an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2017. From the moment my feet stepped onto this island - I knew I was home. I just didn't know how to make it my home.

I accepted another teaching job in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2017. It was here that my partying escalated further and faster than I wanted it to. By age 27, in 2019, I quit drinking - and met a psychic, Dan.  He told me I was never meant to be a teacher - I was meant to be a healer. And I was going to open a retreat centre in Bali one day.

That was 2019.  Since 2019 I built a big online community, The Mindful Life Practice and the Sober Girls Yoga Facebook Group. In 2023, right on Dan's timeline, I opened up The Mindful Life Practice Bali Retreat Centre. I started publishing the Sober Girls Yoga Magazine and producing the Sober Yoga Girl Podcast. You could say I am living my dream. 

and now....

I live in Bali, Indonesia, and am truly living the life of my dreams - helping women around the world transform their lives. 

I run yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings, coach individuals, teach yoga classes, and more!

The Roles I Play



I help women question their relationship with alcohol and start a consistent yoga practice. I built an online community of 5000+ sober curious women around the world. I run online 30 Day Sober Girls Yoga Challenges and also am a sober coach for women.

I also mentor other women in building heart-centered businesses.




I have started and successfully run several businesses around the world since quitting my teaching job.

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I have had many press and media appearances over the years, and spoken at many events.

Yoga Teacher


Alex - Francy - MLPC Merch - Sweater - Community.jpg

I have over 3,000 hours of teaching both online and in person from around the world. I also run 200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs online and in-person. 



Last year I became an auntie to my niece Frankie. It was so great to see her and my family after being apart for three years due to Covid.


My Journey 

   2019 - 2023 


  • I led my first yoga class on Zoom officially with The Mindful Life Practice.

  • I started my first Sober Girls Yoga 30 Day Challenge.

  • I launched the Sober Yoga Girl Podcast.

  • I started teaching my first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.

  • I led my first local weekend Yoga Retreat in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.




  • I moved to Bali, Indonesia.

  • I hosted my first International Yoga Retreats in Bali and Mexico, with guests flying from around the world.

  • I was featured in several news articles, radio shows and magazines. 

  • Opened up the first Yoga Retreat Centre for the Mindful Life Practice in Bali. 


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