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Are you sick of feeling tired, hungover, exhausted? Are you questioning your relationship with alcohol but don't know where to make a change or how to start? Are you looking for a community of likeminded women to help you kick off a sober journey? 

The 7 Day Sober Girls Yoga Challenge is for you! Re-evaluate your relationship with booze and re-establish your relationship for just one week. Develop a daily yoga practice, access our online library of yoga classes, and join Sober Girls Club to help you connect to community. 

This is going to change your life. Join our community of women transforming their lives for good. If you don't like it, there are no strings attached. But if you do like it, this can transform your life for good. 

Stop drinking, Start Yoga and Change Your Life
with likeminded women around the world.


>> Daily Emails and a one week workbook with specific strategies to break up with alcohol (this includes affirmations, journal prompts and readings. These have all been written by Alex.)

>> Our On Demand Archive Library of high-quality, on-demand yoga classes filmed in beautiful locations

around Bali with Alex

>> Join our Sober Girls Yoga Facebook group and connect to other like-minded women around the world going through the same journey. 

>> Join Sober Girls Yoga classes and Sober Girls Club live with Alex on Zoom - an intimate opportunity to connect to like-minded women around the world, going through the same journey

Sign Up For the Free 7 Day Sober Girls Yoga Challenge Now And Join the Facebook Group

Important: As soon as you sign up, you will receive a welcome email from us and daily emails for seven days. Make sure you check your spam/promotions folder and move these emails to your main inbox in order to receive them!

Thank you so much for signing up. Visit the rest of the website here.

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Amber, Bahrain

"I found Alex McRobs and Sober Curious Yoga after I had gotten sober. I'd gone down a rabbit hole of Instagram following yoga and sober hashtags when suddenly I saw a comment Alex had made on a post. I messaged her and joined Sober Curious Yoga and immediately fell in love with the community. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 12.00.38

Sabrina, UK

Soooo happy to be 4 months alcohol free. Honestly the best decision ever.

Massive thanks to:


@alexmcrobs for inviting me to the Sober Curious Yoga challenge to get me started.

Are you sober curious? This movement is growing - come join the fun!


Annabel, UK

I can't recommend more @alexmcrobs from @themindfullifepractice for Sober Girls Yoga. 

You can listen to her incredible podcast @soberyogagirlpodcast for stories and insights into hers and others Sober Yoga journeys. 

@alexmcrobs has made a massive impact on my Sober Yoga Journey, for which I will be ever grateful. 

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