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Cathy Charles

Cathy hails from Cleveland, Ohio in the states. Cathy is a 200 hour practicum Yoga Teacher Training with the Mindful Life Practice. She is a sober yoga coach for the community as well. Cathy is the mother of 2 children (son and daughter) who are both attending college in the states. Cathy is a high school guidance counselor and has held several roles in education over the last twenty years. Cathy is involved in many passion projects that revolve around sobriety. She believes in living her recovery out loud to help light the path for the next person. Cathy is a cohost of Gettingbac2zero facebook live sobriety show, she has been a guest on several podcast where she is dubbed, “the sobriety connector”, promoting awareness of those in the sobriety community such as authors, yoga teachers, alcohol free beverages and anything related to living an authentic Sober FULL lifestyle.

Yoga has been part of Cathy’s life on and off for ten years. What led her permanently back to the yoga mat was a sciatic nerve issue. The Mindful life community concept has once again taught her that community and connection are a key ingredient to her journey in all things for improvement in both physical and mental health. Not only did yoga resolve her physical ailment it improved her quality of life with anxiety. Along with this Cathy believes that yoga has enriched her sober journey. Most of all Cathy’s goal is to inspire others that self discovery. Remaining curious at any age is the most beautiful gift one can give to themself.

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