Yoga Teacher Training 

Emily Abbott

Hi! My name is Emily Abbott and before the pandemic I refused to do a yoga class.  I thought that because I don’t have a “typical” yoga body, I wouldn’t be able to do it or that I would be judged for trying.  Throughout my journey I have learned that this community is the most supportive and I have enjoyed it so much that I decided to take my YTT with a mission to make people realize that every BODY is a yoga body and that if I can do it, so can you!  I hope to complete my 200 hour YTT by the end of August and share this new found love with those around me.  My favorite styles are Yin, Restorative and Nidra - but I am stepping out of my comfort zone with my training and trying new styles.  I highly recommend classes with the MLPC and if you ever considered taking your YTT, Alex is the person for the job! 


Leanne Golding

Hi my name is Leanne and I live in the Cayman Islands.  I have done yoga off and on for a long time but only really committed to my practice in June 2020.  I received an invite to try out a class with Alex through our summer camp alumni facebook page.  Alex introduced me to a way of approaching yoga that I will forever be grateful for!  I quickly developed a regular practice with The MLPC, usually every day and immediately saw an amazing improvement in how I felt, both physically and emotionally.  When Alex announced she was offering YTT I jumped at the chance.  I am loving learning more about the postures and the philosophy of yoga.  My favourite classes are vin and yin, gentle flow and barre.  I hope to eventually teach some karma classes with The MLPC, focusing on making yoga accessible for all.

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Leigh Saulnier

Hello! My name is Leigh. I met Alex and started practicing daily yoga with the MLPC during the Coronavirus pandemic. I had practiced off and on for many years before, but I got more inspired to practice daily when I had to stop running due to arthritis. I have competed in the Ironman triathlon as well as many marathons in the past and felt a big void in my life when I was no longer marathon training!


I recently retired from my job as an occupational therapist working with children with sensory processing disorders. I am currently doing the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with the MLPC and hope to be able to start teaching yoga in the fall of 2021. I enjoy all types of yoga practice and have especially enjoyed learning pranayama and meditation practices recently.


I am alcohol free and have greatly benefitted from participating in the sober circles and connecting with the other folks in the community. It gives me joy to build friendships with people all over the world. My interests are ever changing but right now I love knitting, gardening, cooking (and eating) vegan food, and reading books about antiracism and the environmental movement. I am trying to build a creative practice and love to dance!


Matt Ellis

Hi, my name is Matt and I started practicing yoga with Alex during the pandemic. I have now been taking MLPC classes for 10 months, pretty much every day.

 I am currently doing the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with the MLPC and am enjoying it so much.I’m a primary school teacher and head of computing in my school, but I would love to make yoga more widespread throughout the school and inspire children to do it more. I practice daily with my 4-5 year old children and we really do love it!

Over a year ago I gave up drinking alcohol and alongside yoga this has helped my life become so much more complete and fulfilling. I have more energy and drive than ever before and have many goals I want to achieve.

I enjoy all sorts of yoga, particularly VInyasa and yin and it’s my ambition to be able to do head and hand stands. I’m most proud of the crow pose I’ve worked hard at!

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Raquel Navarro

Raquel is the founder of Alba Studio, Costa Rica. Is YTT 200 certified by Troy McPeak of Peak Beings Yoga (U.S.A.) and by the Yoga Alliance. She has continued her education with Alexandra McRobert from The MLPC (Dubai). She offers classes of Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga.

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