Yoga Teacher Training 

Adrienne Keith 

Adrienne is a registered Yoga teacher, full-time flight attendant and Epicure consultant. She lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband and two small boys. 


During the Covid-19 pandemic, Adrienne was inspired to create major change. As a firm believer in the mind-body connection, she made the decision to remove alcohol from her life. This decision has given her the space to live a much healthier, more authentic and joyful life!


A cross-country move brought her back to her Yoga mat in a big way as she leaned heavily into her practice to re-establish balance in her life and find her footing in her new community. 


Adrienne combines elements of hypnosis with intentional, thoughtful yoga sequences to encourage people to look inward and create positive change in their lives.


Alexandra Capetanakis

200 hour Yoga Teacher in Athens, Greece

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Alexandra Morton

200 hour Yoga Teacher in England, U.K.


Andrea Maguire

Andrea is currently completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training with the Mindful Life Practice. Finding yoga in her twenties helped to calm anxieties and aid in mental health, using yoga as a therapeutic tool to aid in everyday stressors.Andrea has practiced yoga off and on for the last 10 years. Health and wellness being a priority in a hectic life, she made the decision to
participate in yoga teacher training in hopes to inspire others that yoga is not one size or style. Residing on the east coast with her husband and fur babies. She works as a medical assistant
in a pediatrician’s office and in her time off enjoys working out, spin class, reading, history, and spending time at home.

You are allowed to be both masterpiece and a work in progress.
- Sophia Bush


Catherine McPhilemy

Catherine was first drawn to Yoga more than ten years ago due to a back injury, however, it was

the mental health benefits that became more significant, particularly when she was diagnosed

with PMDD some years later. This had led Catherine to become an advocate for women dealing

with the same health challenges. She has always had a passion for mental health and wellbeing

and the incredible healing benefits of Yoga. This led her to complete her 200-hour YTT in Italy focusing on Power Yoga to begin, but was then more drawn to Restorative/Yin, completing another 50-hour YTT. She found the Mindful Life practice during lockdown last year and this community became an integral part of her life, leading her to complete a Sober Curious YTT with Alex.  Catherine is also an international schoolteacher and has recently relocated from Italy to Dubai, having lived in many countries over the last 20 years. In her free time, she loves to write poems, read and hang out with her Labrador Bella. Catherine’s favorite quote which sums up her health and yoga journey so far is by Maya Angelou, ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’.


Cathy Charles

Cathy hails from Cleveland, Ohio in the states. Cathy is a 200 hour practicum Yoga Teacher Training with the Mindful Life Practice.  She is a sober yoga coach for the community as well. Cathy is the mother of 2 children (son and daughter) who are both attending college in the states. Cathy is a high school guidance counselor and has held several roles in education over the last twenty years.  Cathy is involved in many passion projects that revolve around sobriety.  She believes in living her recovery out loud to help light the path for the next person.  Cathy is a cohost of Gettingbac2zero facebook live sobriety show, she has been a guest on several podcast where she is dubbed, “the sobriety connector”, promoting awareness of those in the sobriety community such as authors, yoga teachers, alcohol free beverages and anything related to living an authentic Sober FULL lifestyle.  


Yoga has been part of Cathy’s life on and off for ten years.  What led her permanently back to the yoga mat was a sciatic nerve issue. The Mindful life community concept has once again taught her that community and connection are a key ingredient to her journey in all things for improvement in both physical and mental health. Not only did yoga resolve her physical ailment it improved her quality of life with anxiety. Along with this Cathy believes that yoga has enriched her sober journey. Most of all Cathy’s goal is to inspire others that self discovery. Remaining curious at any age is the most beautiful gift one can give to themself.


Emily Abbott

Emily is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Social Media Coordinator, Direct Sales Associate, and Ontario Certified Teacher.  She refused to even try yoga for most of her life, but during the lockdown of the pandemic, joined the Mindful Life Practice and has now completed her YTT with Alex.  Emily’s mission is to make yoga accessible for every BODY.  As someone who is plus-size, she always felt that she couldn’t do yoga because she wasn’t a “typical” yogi.  Through classes and training with the MLPC, she has learned to modify postures to work for her body and looks forward to helping others find their love for yoga.  Emily hopes to further her Yoga education by taking classes in Chair Yoga and Accessible Yoga.  


As an international teacher and librarian, Emily worked in Egypt, Vietnam, and Kuwait but has recently repatriated to Canada and has decided to take a break from the classroom.  She is currently working in Social Media Coordination with the Mindful Life Practice and exploring her interests in direct sales with accessories, skin care, and nail polish.  Emily is happy to be living closer to family after 14 years of living abroad but is terrified of Northern winters!  In her spare time, she enjoys painting her nails, reading, and cuddling with her cats, Loomi and Auggie.


Emma Shanahan

Emma is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Leanne Golding

Hi MLP Community! My name is a Leanne and I recently completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.  I am so excited to share my love of yoga with people all over the world.  I have practiced yoga off and on for the last 10 years.  During 2020 I was re-introduced to yoga and developed a daily practice through lockdown.  Thanks for Alex and the MLPC I realized how much yoga could help both my physical and mental health.  My lower back pain is gone, I am stronger than I’ve ever been and I can now lean into meditation and stillness when my life gets a bit hectic! 

I am originally from Toronto, Canada and have been living in the Cayman Islands for 25 years.   I work full time in an office, so the contrast between my work life and my yoga mat is not lost on me.   I am really looking forward to sharing my passion for yoga with others, in particular those that may not think yoga is accessible to them.  I am certainly not an expert in all poses, but I’ve learned that is not the goal.  I hope to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment where people from all walks of life can put aside their troubles or stresses and enjoy an hour of gentle movement and mindfulness. 

In my spare time I enjoy walks on the beach with my husband and dogs, travelling and spending time with our two daughters.  When I get back to visit Canada, you will likely find me in the wilderness enjoying a canoe trip or taking in the culture of a museum or art gallery in the city. 


Leigh Saulnier

Hi friends, my name is Leigh, and I love yoga! Yoga has been a key component in maintaining my sobriety, building a community of friends during the pandemic, and fostering my mental health. I met Alex through a sober community and joined the MLPC in June, 2020. I had practiced yoga off and on for many years before, but I got more inspired to practice daily when I had to stop running due to injuries. I have competed in the Ironman triathlon as well as many marathons in the past and felt a big void in my life when I was no longer marathon training.


I recently completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with the MLPC and am super excited to be teaching yoga and leading sober pods! I enjoy all types of yoga practice, and I believe that anyone can do yoga! I also completed Susanna Barkataki’s 25 hour course on Honoring the Roots of Yoga.


I recently retired from my job as an occupational therapist working with children with sensory processing disorders. I am married and have three adult children. I love traveling, spending time with my kids, hiking, knitting, gardening, cooking (and eating) vegan food, and engaging in social and environmental justice efforts.


Matt Ellis

Hi everyone, my name is Matt and it’s fair to say I’m quite addicted to yoga. For over a year now yoga has been a central part of my life, complementing my sober life and because of it I’ve been able to become part of a wonderful global community of Yogis! I met Alex through a sober community and joined the MLPC in July 2020. I had hardly ever done yoga before and never thought it could be for me. I had taken a few classes with a friend I met through giving up alcohol, but when I joined the MLPC everything changed. I have done yoga almost every day for a year now and love it so much. I love all types of yoga, including Yin, Kundalini and restorative yoga, but mostly I love gentle Vinyasa flows.
I am a primary school teacher and also love to teach my school kids yoga. I think it inspired me to want to do my 200 hour yoga teacher training course which I am close to completing. Originally I wanted to do the course to improve my yoga skills, but now after teaching a summer season at the MLPC I am feeling inspired to share my new knowledge of yoga to other people. I believe anyone can do yoga and am passionate about people giving it a go and realising they can do it.
As well as yoga, I love to sometimes surf, play Ukulele and bass and recently I have been building things with lego! I look forward to seeing you in a class soon!

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Meena Thimmana

Meena is a mother of three active boys who are 3, 5 and 7 and have been her full-time job for the past 7 years.  Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Meena was a figure skater for over 20 years participating in single competitive skating at the national level and synchronised skating for 18 years followed by years of learn to skate coaching.  She studied at York University for 5 years and became an elementary school teacher which later brought her to teach internationally in Abu Dhabi where she met her husband and settled down in the UAE for good.  During her years she travelled to over 30 countries and had various adventures all over the globe.  

Yoga has always been a part of her life as her Father and his family, being of Indian descent always practiced and spoke about yoga and pranayama (focused breathing exercises) since she was a child.  She has practiced many types of yoga over the years such as swing yoga, acro yoga, bikram yoga, pre- and post-natal yoga.  She has attended the Bali Spirit Festival in Indonesia 3 times and loved experiencing all the various health, mental and emotional benefits from such a practice.  After completing the 200 yoga teacher training, she is very excited to fuse aspects of mental health, holistic healing techniques, journaling, yoga, breathing and meditation to help others find peace and stillness in their busy daily life.  She believes it is never too late to take some time for yourself to practice some self-care and take a moment from all the responsibilities that women and mothers often have at home to find some balance in your own life.



Nadia is a Yogi from Abu Dhabi who recently completed her 200 YTT, Practicing yoga is her passion and priority to nourish her body, mind and soul.  She aspires to share her practice of yoga with the world in hopes to make a positive impact mentally and physically on people. Besides her love for yoga, she enjoys jogging, baking healthy goods, video gaming and being a cat mom. 

“Never give up without even trying. Do what you can, no matter how small the effect it may have!” – Onoki

Nadia - 30 Day Yoga Challenge Hall of Fame

Niamh Dickson

Niamh(Neve) is a 200 Hour Yoga Certified Teacher, a Canadian Certified Art Therapist, an elementary counselor and certified Arts Education teacher. Niamh started yoga in her 20’s when she began training for half marathons. Yoga was always something she did as a rest day from runs, strength training or spin classes. Niamh’s journey back to yoga began in 2020 when her health crashed with a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. Meditations, breathwork and the movement of yoga has helped restore her body into a healthier version of herself. Outside of Yoga, Niamh enjoys painting, drawing, having great conversations with friends and traveling. She lives and works as a counselor and Art therapist in Bangkok, Thailand. She is excited to share her yoga practice with you.

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Rachel Brady

First and foremost, Rachel is blessed to be mum to 3 kids. She describes herself as a yoga teacher and a holistic life coach, as well as a digital creator with a podcast, YouTube channel and blog. 


Rachel’s passion is helping people, other mums in particular, achieve better mental health through spiritual and self-care practices. She credits her yoga practice, sobriety and lots of inner work on being the happiest she has ever been, despite living with several mental health challenges herself. 


After years of emotional instability and issues around alcohol, Rachel finally feels that she is on the right path to true health and happiness within. Over this past year, after a period of sober curiosity that lasted a good 5 years she finally committed to sober life, was diagnosed with ADHD and then Bipolar 2 and Emotional Unregulated Disorder. 


Instead of being hindered by these diagnoses, Rachel feels empowered and like she has never been clearer in exactly who she is, why she is how she is, and what makes her happy. This is a constant work in progress and one she is committed to for life. 


Her purpose is now to help others on their own journey to better mental health and healing. 


Rachel’s style of yoga is suitable for beginners, and is focussed on feeling safe and connected - cultivating an awareness of what you actually need in that moment. It offers a balanced approach of gentle flow and restorative yoga. She is a 200HR registered yoga teacher who is training towards her 300HR in 2022 and also studying her Sober YTT with The Mindful Life Practice.  


Rachel is happily married and lives in the picturesque Peak District National Park in a renovated farmhouse with her family and pets. 


Raquel Navarro

Raquel is a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur. Because of her Finance job, she was drawn to yoga as a way to calm her mind and enjoy a more creative hobby. She began practicing yoga daily at the age of 29 and completed her first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2020 at Peak Beings Yoga in California, USA. In 2021, she completed her 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at My Vinyasa Practice in Texas, USA. She also completed her 25 Hour Root Chakra and 25 Hour Crown Chakra Modules in 2021 with The Mindful Life Practice Community. Since then, she has taught yoga in her outdoor yoga business, Alba Studio, located in the forest in Costa Rica. She is also part of The Mindful Life Practice Community team, where she teaches Yin Yoga on Fridays.

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Ulla Alhamad

Ulla is currently completing her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher with the Mindful Life Practice. She lives in Cologne, Germany, and found a way to her movement practice while living in the UAE 10 years ago. Her fluid style developed of the years and combines Yoga, Dance & Performance. Expression and intuition play a huge roll when it comes to moving authentically and meeting Ulla on her mat. Music, nature and daily experiences inspire and shape her ideas when it comes to creating a flow, wether it’s yoga or a dance based improvisation. She loves the open mind and support that comes along with the yoga- community, the feeling of well being after doing a class and the fact that it can apply to any area of her life - it doesn’t matter wether you love Hip-Hop or complete silence, you can love both and find a way to express yourself creatively through and with a yoga class. If you want to meet Ulla off the mat, you will find her whipping up Mediterranean dishes in the kitchen, creating endless Spotify playlists or brainstorming ideas for her next project.

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