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Emily Abbott

Emily is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Social Media Coordinator, Direct Sales Associate, and Ontario Certified Teacher. She refused to even try yoga for most of her life, but during the lockdown of the pandemic, joined the Mindful Life Practice and has now completed her YTT with Alex. Emily’s mission is to make yoga accessible for every BODY. As someone who is plus-size, she always felt that she couldn’t do yoga because she wasn’t a “typical” yogi. Through classes and training with the MLPC, she has learned to modify postures to work for her body and looks forward to helping others find their love for yoga. Emily hopes to further her Yoga education by taking classes in Chair Yoga and Accessible Yoga.

As an international teacher and librarian, Emily worked in Egypt, Vietnam, and Kuwait but has recently repatriated to Canada and has decided to take a break from the classroom. She is currently working in Social Media Coordination with the Mindful Life Practice and exploring her interests in direct sales with accessories, skin care, and nail polish. Emily is happy to be living closer to family after 14 years of living abroad but is terrified of Northern winters! In her spare time, she enjoys painting her nails, reading, and cuddling with her cats, Loomi and Auggie.

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