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Gretchen Pascalis

Originally from the state of Maine in the US, I've lived in the French Alps for the last 25 years. Nature is my greatest inspiration, and I'm an avid hiker and forest bather. I started doing yoga on and off in my 20's, but really got hooked in my 40's when I was working with a Russian teacher whose love of vinyasa and mystical energy were contagious. During our first lockdown in 2020, I completed a 200-hour vinyasa yoga and mindfulness teacher training, then did a 300-hour teacher training in kundalini yoga, the enneagram, ayurveda and lunar wisdom. I'm sober curious, and consider myself a kundalini dealer (Russel Brand called kundalini "the crack cocaine of yoga!") I believe that yoga is for everyone, and in addition to kundalini, I'll be offering a chair/sofa vinyasa yoga class designed for beginners and every body size and type out there.

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