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Kelly Belew

Hi, my name is Kelly and I’m a single mom of a 8 year old daughter. We live in Virginia, U.S. with our dog, River, kitten, Lilo, two fish and two snails 🤣.

I have been sober since July 28, 2019, when I hit the last of my *numerous* rock bottom moments. I faced yet another serious consequence, but this time around, I was a parent when it happened. I knew the partying had to stop…finally, I saw that not quitting would lead to something I could not undo, so I stopped abusing substances and never looked back.

After a long stretch of personal counseling, dabbling in Alcoholics Anonymous (finding it was not for me), and spending much of my first year of sobriety without active community, I created East Coast Sober Squad in December 2020. What started as a simple Instagram group chat grew into a group of women in different parts of North America, daily virtual meetups, a bookclub, gentle yoga taught by a member, learning series meetups with amazing guests ,and a Slack forum of close to 400 women which offers connection around the clock. Additionally, I launched a website ( and merchandise for the group with a storefront on Bonfire.

Along the way, I also reestablished my love of journaling and writing and have had some pieces published relating to my sobriety. I hope my writing can help someone who may feel alone on this journey.

I started yoga and meditation classes with The Mindful Life Practice and quickly recognized that despite my busy schedule as a single mom, full time employee, and community leader, this gave me the mental quiet space I needed. It allowed me to move my body with intention and calm my thoughts simultaneously. I just completed TMLP’s sober curious yoga teacher training and couldn’t be more excited to lead a circle here!

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