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Shavon McCown

I work full-time as an educator, primarily teaching high school Spanish, as well as Equity and Culturally Responsive Teaching, at the university level, to educators in graduate school. 
My journey with yoga began many, many years ago as a supplement to my other activities: running, weight-lifting and playing co-ed (touch) football.  I have only become a consistent practitioner within the last five years, however.  I developed chronic “growing” (or “aging”) pains, in my knees and back, which landed me in physical therapy in an attempt to eliminate pain medication and surgery, while maintaining functionality in my other activities. Most of what was “prescribed” by my most recent physical therapist (who was also my Power Lifting Coach) was asana; and the pain became a distant memory. 
Through my membership with a local studio, I met two amazing yoga instructors who challenged and inspired my practice beyond the mat; mentally, physically and emotionally. In February of 2018 and 2019, I had the opportunity to travel to Uvita, Costa Rica in order to attend two amazing yoga retreats. Very shortly after my return from the last journey, I decided that I wanted to participate in a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, so that I could learn more about myself and “my” yoga. In January of 2020, I enrolled in a YTT program with those trainers and completed that training this past May! Although I feel like I have returned to the “infancy” stages of my practice, I can't wait to share the power of yoga with my friends, family and students..and the world at large.

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