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Ulla Alhamad

Ulla finished her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher with the Mindful Life Practice. She lives in Cologne, Germany, and found a way to her movement practice while living in the UAE 10 years ago. Her fluid style developed of the years and combines Yoga, Dance & Performance. Expression and intuition play a huge roll when it comes to moving authentically and meeting Ulla on her mat. Music, nature and daily experiences inspire and shape her ideas when it comes to creating a flow, wether it’s yoga or a dance based improvisation. She loves the open mind and support that comes along with the yoga- community, the feeling of well being after doing a class and the fact that it can apply to any area of her life - it doesn’t matter wether you love Hip-Hop or complete silence, you can love both and find a way to express yourself creatively through and with a yoga class. If you want to meet Ulla off the mat, you will find her whipping up Mediterranean dishes in the kitchen, creating endless Spotify playlists or brainstorming ideas for her next project.

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