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A new podcast episode is up!

Hi Guys! Thank you all so much for your patience. Alex and I decided to do something completely crazypants and made some super last-minute adjustments to this week's episode.

But, everything has been taken care of, and here we are, ready to entertain you for another week!

This week's episode centers around our very own Alex McRobs and her journey towards sobriety and becoming a sober life coach. We wanted to dig in deep past what Alex talks about in her classes to inform the public as well as people in our community who are considering sobriety.

Also, while we have your attention, we're looking for guests and topics! We'd like to open up the table to ANYBODY in our community to come join us for an episode or two. Not for an interview, just to hang out :) DM us at @chaturangathepodcast to volunteer yourself, or as always, give questions, comments and suggestions for the show.

Happy listening and happy Eid!

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