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Sober Yoga Girl Blog:
Living a Yoga-Inspired Life in the Modern World

Hi friend, 

Welcome to the Sober Yoga Girl Blog!

I am so happy you're here.

I'm Alex, the founder of The Mindful Life Practice. I'm also five years sober and I've been teaching yoga for ten years.

I live in Bali, Indonesia, but I'm originally from Canada, and I lived in the Middle East for seven years in my twenties.

I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. I love connecting with all of you and sharing my stories, but I hate the endlessly scrolling. 

I am trying to shift my sharing onto this blog, so I spend less time scrolling and more time living a yoga-inspired life.

I will share daily writing on yoga philosophy concepts and how to live a yoga-inspired life in the modern world.

These topics are often overlooked in present day yoga classes around the world. So if you're looking to go deep into yoga...make sure you sign up to get the latest updates about when I have written posts!

Your presence is appreciated! Reach out to me anytime at