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Different Practices for Different Moods

Feeling like you need to practice but you’re spoiled for choice? I’ve compiled a list of the classes that are offered at the MLPC according to the mood you’re in, so that you know that there truly is a yoga (or something like it) for any occasion. As I find my way back onto my mat, I’ll also find that this list is pretty helpful. I hope you feel the same!

If you’ve been eating too much poutine


I tried this class a total of two times and I might’ve rolled over to the side of my mat and cried during one of them. But, I remember it being very helpful. And to be honest, when I get back into decent shape I’ll be going back. It isn’t a terrifying class, I’m just a lazy cat. This class is not for the lazy, but it is fun.

Power Vinyasa

Imagine your classic vinyasa flow with just a bit more effort, this class is both challenging and rewarding. Adding in some light aerobic activity and strength training with your run-of-the-mill vinyasa sequence, you’ll get your cardio, your toning and improve your flexibility at once.

If you want to get strong

Mindful Barre

There is no better way to kickstart your day (if you’re in Canada - but I imagine this makes for an awesome afternoon pick-me-up, too) than with bit of strengthening. Alex keeps us on our toes (or rather, on the balls of our feet with elevated heels) for periods of time and uses great playlists to accompany the mini-challenges she has us take on. Her positive attitude and cheers of encouragement are also great ways to get you to keep going. Plus, she takes song requests! Just message her before class with the tune you had in mind. Pilates

And while we’re on the subject of wonderful ways to start the week, Pooja’s Pilates is it! I personally love pilates because it’s the sneakiest way to tone. It’s difficult without scaring you away, and over time, the definition the movements give you just appear out of nowhere. Just remember to stick to it, and keep breathing.


I initially argued with myself over where to place this class, because it can also be relaxing, it can qualify as “take it easy (but still do some work)”, or we could call a spade a spade and give Yin the credit it deserves. It makes you strong both physically and mentally. Yin feels a bit more active than restorative and requires more concentration, because oftentimes, the postures you’re holding are more challenging. You can’t nap while you’re in Lizard. But this does wonders for your flexibility - and to me, that’s a very important part of strength.

If you want to take it easy (but still do some work)

Slow Flow

This class is gentle as they come and a lovely way for those of us in North America to end our workday evening. It involves a little less movement than a traditional Vin and Yin, so on those days where you need to flow but you also want to lay in savasana forever, this class is calling your name.

Vin and Yin

Similar to the class above, Vin and Yin is the perfect combination of yin and vinyasa which has us working hard but relaxing hard, too. It’s perfect for those days when you genuinely want to accomplish something and get your heart pumping with some cardio and some challenges, but you want the reward to be deep relaxation. Do it up!

If, let’s face it - you just want to take a nap (or just recover a bit)


I’ve fallen asleep during Restorative so many times, I’ve actually missed full position changes. Maybe don’t do this when you’re sleepy? Or do, if that’s what’s calling you. Besides, absolute gems teach this class (Who else thinks Shavon has the most soothing voice?)

Yoga Nidra

Most of this class is covering yourself up with a blanket and passing out. Guys, it’s a nap.

If you want to tune in and work on staying in the moment

Hatha and Pranayama

Did you know that in our everyday lives, we’re basically breathing incorrectly? This class takes us through simple Hatha movements then ends in guided breathing according to pranayama practices. Just for context, “Prana” means life energy, and “yama” means control. How’s that for inspiring? This is a great way to get back in touch with yourself and gain back control of your own life, reactions and how you handle life’s everyday challenges.


The amazing thing about the MLPC is the community’s absolute appreciation for meditation. So much so that there’s a meditation community and regular meditation challenges! Usually led by Alex, though others step in and lead as well, meditation is an awesome way to unlearn habits and ways of thinking that aren’t serving us, living in the moment, and practicing gratitude. I highly recommend the guided meditations, too. Whether you’re meeting your future self, detaching from someone or something you need to let go of or you just want to learn how to truly clear your mind, this class is one of the greatest that’s offered on the Zoom schedule - and all it takes is 10 minutes of your hour.

The classes above aren’t the full list of MLPC offerings, but they’re a start. All of our classes are great and each serve a different and helpful purpose. Let us know in the comments which your favorite classes are and why!

Until my next ramble,


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