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Episode 4 of (Chat)uranga is Live!

Hi everyone! Episode 4 of our podcast (Chat)uranga. is now live! So we're guessing that means Tuesdays are now a thing ;)

This week's episode is... erm... interesting! As a last-minute change of plans, we dive deep into Avidya unprepared, but come out of the woods as enlightened as ever! Let's just say you'll get to know us pretty well in this episode.

Listen to the podcast by clicking any of the following links. Don't forget to rate, subscribe, and share, share, share!

Also, we LOVE hearing from you guys, and we'd also love to have any of you community members on the show! Write to us at to submit your questions, volunteer yourself as a guest, give us episode ideas, or to just say hi! We love it! Happy listening, and happy Tuesday!

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