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Four Ways to Release Anxiety Now

If you're currently feeling anxious and disconnected, it might be a sign of a deficient or unbalanced root chakra. In this podcast episode I'll share with you four strategies to get grounded and release anxiety now.

Learn how balancing the chakras will support your sober journey. It's SO important. That's why I've shaped my yoga teacher trainings around the seven chakras. If you sign up for the Sober Girls Yoga Annual Membership today, you can get a FREE Module 1 of the Yoga Teacher Training ($400 value!) And if you decide to carry on with the YTT, that cost will be deducted off the final balance. This is the first ever Sober Girls Yoga training. If you're a sober woman looking to incorporate more spirituality into your sober journey...this is for you.

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This offer ends tomorrow, so if you want to get the Free Module 1 of the YTT - Sign up for Sober Girls Yoga Today. It's risk free - if you decide the YTT is not for you, you don't have to follow through with the whole course. Sign up today!

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Listen here!

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