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Instagram Addiction / Step One of the Twelve Steps / Twelve Efforts

This week my sponsor and I were speaking about step 1 of the 12 efforts. “We admitted that we had been stuck in patterns of belief and behavior that no longer served us, and that we were cut off from the power of consciousness.”

I’ve shared online that I’m doing the 12 steps (12 efforts.) it’s mostly a spiritual inquiry - I’ve been sober from alcohol for five years but never engaged in the twelve steps, so I wanted to learn more of it.

We were discussing some of the habits that are detrimental to our wellbeing. I knew already that I have an instagram addiction. But I couldn’t bring myself to do anything about it. Then I went away for a couple days to an Oceanside retreat. My sponsor and I had already discussed me limiting my Instagram time whilst there. Yet I was annoyed when I arrived and discovered my data had run out and there was no WiFi at the retreat 🤣. They ended up letting me on the office wifi so I could stay connected 🤣. Talk about Instagram Addiction!

My relationship with Instagram, or my Instagram Addiction, is a lot like my relationship once was with alcohol. Feel upset, check Instagram. Feel bored, check Instagram. Feel lonely, check Instagram. Repeat.

Tonight in Sober Girls Clubs we set intentions for the month of May and I asked my members to come up with one simple step they can take towards their goals over the next seven days. As I reflected on all the things I’ve fallen behind on (10,000 steps, regular workouts, daily meditation, reading books…) I realized it’s all mostly because of how much time I’m spending…. On Instagram. 😬So it’s time to take an Insta detox. Just for one week! Seven days.

But I want to keep writing & sharing my journey! I want to stay connected with all of you!So I’ll be posting regularly on my blog. ! Writing about yoga philosophy and how to weave it into your modern life in a way that’s relatable and accessible.

Head over there and leave your email to get the regular updates. ❤️

And if you need to contact me you can at .Excited for the space this will create for me and to see how the week unfolds! 🙏🏻See you soon.

Do you have a relationship with Instagram, or any other technology addiction, that feels similar? I have been thinking alot of doing a Digital Detox retreat with The Mindful Life Practice. Would you be interested in joining?


If you missed the Sober Girls Club on Sunday this past week, here are the questions that I asked the group!

  1. What went well this month?

  2. What didn't go so well this month?

  3. What would I like to achieve next month?

  4. What's one small step I can do to take towards that goal?

A phone open to the page of Instagram.
Instagram Addiction

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