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It's Chaturanga Wednesday! (Erm, or Thursday!)

Sometimes, yoga kiddos, the episode is launched but it isn't announced because... well... no one is perfect, okay? But! Nonetheless, the latest episode of the podcast is now up for your listening pleasure! You know the drill.

If you've never listened to an episode, we HIGHLY recommend this one. On an extremely special episode of (Chat)uranga, we chat with psychic healer Danesh "Dan" Kumar. Yes, he tells us what to expect with the pandemic this year, but trust us when we say there's way more to the conversation. 

Follow Dan on Instagram for more information @dankumar777

Listen to the podcast by visiting this homepage and clicking on your link of choice. Don't forget to rate, subscribe, and share, share, share! Also, we have news! We now have our own podcast-dedicated Instagram page! Follow us @chaturangathepodcast and DM us all your questions, quotes, favorite moments and episode theme requests. We love hearing from you guys, and we'd also love to have any of you community members on the show! Happy listening, and happy Wednesday!

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