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Roll & Release: How to Get a Massage During Quarantine

If you've been practicing yoga with MLPC every day in one of our yoga challenges, your body is probably starting to feel some soreness and tension. When starting a new consistent yoga practice, it's recommended that you get massages to help recover. But what do you do if there are no massages allowed where you live due to Quarantine lockdown?!

Introducing our new Roll & Release classes with Sara! These sessions will walk you through how to use a foam roller in order to give your body a self massage. Read on to learn more and join us for our next foam roller classes:

Friday - 3:45pm Dubai time - Karma Vinyasa Yoga + Roll & Release (90 minutes)

Sunday - 9:00pm Dubai time - Roll & Release (60 minutes)

Here is some info from Sara about Foam Rolling.

There are two kinds of foam rollers: the textured and the smooth.

The smooth foam roller is better for beginners who are new to using a foam roller. In the beginning it’s not the most comfortable sensation. You are using your body weight on top of a foam cylinder plus gravity to massage the muscles. As your body acclimates to this new therapy, the textured foam roller might be the next thing for you.

For those with some experience using a foam roller a textured foam roller has many benefits.

There are three textures: fingertips, fingers, and palms. Most textured foam rollers have two textures: fingertips and palms. These different textures are great for massaging or rolling out different kinds of tension on different parts of the body. For example, I like to start with the palm side of the foam roller then when I find a spot of tension, like in my calves or triceps, use the fingertips to apply more points of pressure. The fingertips also feel great under the neck on the occipital ridge of the skull.

What to look for in a Foam-Roller:

They come in a variety of colors, choose one you like. If you dislike the color it will dissuade you from using it.

Foam quality: start with a softer roller then graduate to a firmer foam and then texture.

If buying a textured one, look for the texture to wrap around the cylinder, 360 degrees. Many have one quarter of the cylinder pre texture which can interrupt rolling. When you want a softer roll on the palm setting, rolling onto the fingertip texture can be unwelcome.

Suggested for beginners:

Suggested for Intermediate:

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