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The Sober Girls Yoga Magazine

Updated: Jan 11

I have always been a writer. In childhood I actually produced a publication called "The Family Times." I loved mailing out this newsletter to my family every month with updates, articles and stories written by my parents, my uncle and grandparents.

In 2023 I started a passion project - The Sober Girls Yoga Magazine. Every month I created it, collecting images, stories, and work from our community to organize into a magazine.

This was a totally free project that I did with an intention to bring good energy and vibes to the sober community! But, it started to become a draining task as 2023 went on. It was expensive and time consuming. At one point I did try to monetize it and spent double the cost on printing and shipping.

Then, my yoga job opportunities expanded in Bali, when I joined a local faculty as a lead Yoga Teacher Trainer. At the same time, I no longer had an assistant working with me to create the magazine.

I finally made the decision to put the magazine production on pause for the time being.

If I do have time, I may pick up the magazine production again - but for now, I wanted to share with you all of the old editions of the magazine I created this year, so you can enjoy them!

With love, Alex

Comment below if you had any favourite magazine issues!

I will still be blogging regularly, so hope to catch you here!


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